Continue to add a sports track, the energy of the dragon helps healthy China

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Recently,moment information the Energy Energy anchor the "New Iron Man" segment, focusing on the popular project of "smart sports".value.

At 8 am on December 2nd, the 3rd Capital College "Smart Youth" New Iron Man, which was sponsored by the Beijing Trinity Sports Association and the Sports Committee of Peking University and the Sports Commission of Peking University, and the three competitions for the new Iron Man of Peking University in 2023Essence

As the official sponsors of the event, the vitality of the energy of the dragon is permeated in every corner of the event.This time, the Longlong Energy increased the new sports track of "Smart Iron", broaden the attention of young consumer groups, provides young people with better products and services to meet their diversified needs.On the other hand, as the pioneer and leader of mushroom plant beverages, the Longlong energy has sponsored marathon events many times, providing runners with natural and healthy plant beverages, and is committed to conveying health concepts to more people, helpingPush healthy life.(over)

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