Finding medicine and asking for medicine depends on divination. Professor returnees killed the "two knives" doctors' "toxic and poison"

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In August 2021,突发新闻 Xiaoyu returned to Hangzhou because of his work, and continued to receive Lei Mou's online prescription treatment, and the dose and type of traditional Chinese medicinal materials were changed by Lei Mou in the "Bodhisattva Room" to confirm the Gua Gua for her Gua Gua.Essence

Xiaoyu, who returned to work at school, looks normal, but in fact, the accumulation of long -term toxins has made Xiaoyu's body worse.

"This disease is too heavy and stubborn. It does not need a large dose to harm you." In the face of Lei Mou's large dose of Chinese medicine, Xiaoyu was a little worried, but Lei said that the prescriptions were herself testing and certified by the hexagram certification., No longer doubt, even if you are unwell, he also supports the medicine.

"I don't know if 10 grams of Xionghuang eats in, will people feel uncomfortable? My biggest mistake is that I shouldn't let you eat male yellow when you are in class." On October 6, Xiaoyu told Lei that he took 10 grams of herself.There was physical discomfort such as male yellow and other drugs. After hearing, Lei not only did not persuade him to go to the hospital for examination, but also said that he had to eat mung bean to detoxify.On October 8th, a student noticed that Xiaoyu's face was abnormal and asked if she was poisoned. Xiaoyu described the situation to Lei, but Lei Mou only asked him to eat mung beans to detoxify.

On October 9, because Lei could not contact Xiaoyu, he asked the takeaway to check it out.After the takeaway went to Xiaoyu's family five times to knock on the door, no one answered, Lei asked the takeaway to help report the police, and then found that Xiaoyu had died.After judicial appraisal, Xiaoyu died in accordance with the arsenic poisoning caused by taking toxic Chinese medicine.

Recently, the Procuratorate of Qiantang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was reviewed that Lei did not obtain a doctor's qualification for illegal medical practice, causing a clinic person to die.Public prosecution.The court supported the procuratorate's claim to be sentenced to ten years in prison and fined 10,000 yuan.

Why is the handwritten "Disclaimer" invalid?

In this case, Xiaoyu actively wrote a "statement", indicating that he voluntarily took Lei Mou's prescription for his prescription, and did not investigate any responsibilities of Lei and his family for the consequences of the treatment (including death).

Although Xiaoyu had a promise of being in a risk of being trapped, it could not be the cause of illegal obstacles to Lei Mou's criminal liability.Regarding the act of infringing personal legal interests, the victim's commitment can only deny the illegality of the behavior under specific conditions. One of the conditions is that the victim has the right to punish the benefits of the commitment.First of all, no one has no promised authority to public legal interests such as national legal interests and social law.The crime of illegal medical care is a crime that endangers public health, and violated the state's management system and public health in the management system of medical and health work. Xiaoyu had no right to promise.Secondly, the right to life must not be punished and cannot be given up. Xiaoyu's commitment to death is invalid.

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