Light Textile & Commercial Society Weekly: Focus on the effect of real estate policy, optimistic about the elasticity of the performance of home exports

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 (TheInformation at a glance following contents from Dongxing Securities "Light Textile & Commercial Week Views: Pay attention to the effect of real estate policies, optimistic about the elasticity of the performance of home export" attachment)
Summary of view:
Domestic real estate relaxation policies are expected; optimistic about the elasticity of the performance of home export.Shenzhen reduces the minimum down payment ratio of the second house.Home demand is expected in the future.We are still optimistic in short -term home demand, and high growth within the year of completion will continue to be converted into home demand.We judge the end of overseas stocking, and the demand for replenishment restores normal.The maintenance of the US Black Five Line has maintained growth, indicating that overseas demand is still tough.The short -term base is low, and the price of the cost of shipping and the exchange rate is still beneficial. We are optimistic about the short -term elasticity of the export business of home companies. In the long run, we still have strong competitiveness in the consumer manufacturing industry with cost manufacturing advantages.We recommend attention: 1) Ou Pai Home Furnishing, Sophia, Gujiajiaju and other front -line leading companies.Multi -category sales have been verified, and long -term growth is high; 2) Zhibang Home Furnishing, Xilinmen, gold medal kitchen cabinet, etc.There is still room for development in the core category.3) Reyt, which benefits from the penetration rate of smart toilet categories.
The price of slurry is weak, and the price of paper is smoothly supporting paper companies to make profits.Since late November, the spot price of wood pulp has fallen, or because the peak season of the industry has passed, the demand for paper companies has weakened the demand for pulp and stocking;Ton, the price of coniferous paste is maintained.The price of paper is currently not affected by the adjustment of the spot slurry, and it still maintains stable operation.The cost of paper companies is less affected by the fluctuation of short -term pulp prices, and it is expected that Q4 is still at a relatively low level.In summary, Q4 paper companies are still expected to achieve better profit.Looking forward to 24 years,
The expected profit expectations of cultural paper during the peak season is stable, and the liner is integrated with the larvae may have excess returns. Special paper varieties are expected to benefit demand to improve, profitability is elastic.It is recommended to pay attention to the solar paper industry, Xianhe shares, etc.
Market review
Last week, the textile and apparel industry rose 0.70%, light industry manufacturing fell 0.58%, business retail sales rose 0.14%, social services rose 2.98%, and beauty care fell 3.77%.11, 2, 30.In terms of index, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell 0.31%, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell 1.21%.
Highly recommented:
Ou Pai Home Furnishing, Sofia, Gujia Home, Zhibang Home Furnishing, Xilinmen, Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet, Ruolt, Sun Paper, Xianhe, Aimei, Huazhu Group-S, Jinjiang Hotel, First Travel Hotel
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