US or fighting with Russia?The situation continues to heat up, the second "Gasha" is exposed

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Original title: US or fighting with Russia?热点新闻The situation continues to heat up, the second "Gasha" is exposed

Recently, the international situation has been heating up, and the tension between the United States and Russia has intensified.It is reported that the Israeli Prime Minister Neitanahu recently delivered a speech on the northern border, warning that the Lebanon Allah should not take the initiative to provoke the war, otherwise Israel will turn the Lebanon capital Berut into Gaza.This news has aroused widespread concern, and many people worry that this conflict may evolve into a global war.

The tension between Israel and the Lebanese Master Party has always existed, and the two sides have occurred from the conflict between the northern border of Israel.However, the warning of Neitanahu seems to show that Israel has prepared for a comprehensive war with the Lebanese Albon.The news reminds people of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in 2008. At that time, Israel made a long military blow to the Gaza Strip, causing thousands of Palestinians to die.

The Israeli army said earlier that day that the anti -tank missile launched by the Lord Party caused a civilian death in northern Israel.This incident further exacerbated the tension between the two parties.At present, it is unclear whether the incident will lead to a larger -scale conflict between the two sides, but many people worry that this conflict may evolve into a global war like the Cisa conflict in 2008.

In this tension, the international community has called on both parties to maintain restraint to avoid causing greater conflicts.However, in the face of these appeals, both sides seem to have not showed enough sincerity.In this case, we can only expect that both parties can restore their sense as soon as possible to avoid further upgrades of this conflict.

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