Aid funds broke, and Biden threatened the parliament with "the US Russia's war", and the Russian ambassador to the United States: separated from reality

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In the context of the deepening of the Ukraine crisis,breaking news the remarks and actions of US President Biden have recently become the focus of attention on the international political stage.Bayeng mentioned in a public speech on December 6 that Russia will not stop here even if they win in the war with Ukraine. They may also launch further attacks on NATO countries, which may eventually lead to military conflicts with the United States.The purpose of this remark is to highlight the importance of supporting Ukraine's position in Washington's unspoken, and at the same time, it implies the vulnerability of the security bureau of the region.

For the potential threats described by Biden, Russia is quite dissatisfied.On December 7, in an interview, the Russian ambassador to the United States, Antonov, described Biden's remarks as a purely fictional "horror story", which refers to the purpose of rationalizing the huge military assistance of Ukraine for Ukraine.Accusations are false and provocative.

In the domestic political environment, Biden also seemed to have encountered relevant obstacles.He tried to persuade Republicans to pass the military aid bill for Ukraine in Congress, but failed to get as expected. The bill was only approved in the voting on December 6.Next program.This result is undoubtedly a blow for Biden, because it shows that it is difficult for him to obtain sufficient support in domestic politics to promote his foreign policy.

When Biden made the above remarks, it was when the US financial assistance Ukraine funds were exhausted.According to the White House data, as of mid -November, the US $ 62.3 billion supplementary funds for U.S. -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U.S. dollars have been used 97%, and additional funds are urgently needed.However, the non -approved bill is expected to need $ 110.5 billion, of which about 50 billion U.S. dollars are directly used for security assistance, indicating that the United States' determination to maintain Ukrainian military support.

However, in the face of the obstruction of Congress, the Bayeng government did not stop the pace of military assistance to Ukraine.On the day of Congress refused to pass the new bill, the US State Department and the Ministry of Defense announced that it would provide Ukraine with an additional 175 million US dollars of military assistance, including Hemaas and various anti -armored missiles. This behavior also exacerbated the tension between the United States and RussiaThe relationship, Russia regards this as a performance that proves the "Washington and its weapon manufacturing partners" pursuing interests.

The military assistance provided by the United States to Ukraine not only affects the global strategic layout, but also has caused important economic impact in the United States.The White House explained that because the United States provides assistance weapons to Ukraine from the existing inventory, a large amount of funds are injected into American companies through investment and government purchases, the purpose is to create replacement products.For example, in Pennsylvania, the United States, it has received $ 2.36 billion in military investment, which has benefited the most in each state.

This situation means that to some members, supporting Ukrainian military aid can also bring local economic benefits to a certain extent.Even so, from the results of Congress on the 6th, the political game between Biden and Republican politicians is still very fierce. Even though Biden tried to tie the aid bill of help with the Republican Party's political interests, they still failed to persuade them to change their attitudes.

While the United States has an uncertainty in Ukraine, Europe's aid to Ukraine is also facing difficulties. The aid provided by Western allies from August to October 2023 Compared with the sharp decrease of nearly 90%compared with the previous months, it fell.To the lowest level in history.This support of support not only affects the situation of the Ukrainian battlefield, but also forces its leadership to consider a new method of seeking conflict.

Biden's remarks and the United States' actions highlight the tension and complexity in the current international relations, and also reflect the instability of US policies under the pressure of domestic and foreign pressures.For Ukraine, this indicates that in addition to the uncertainty on the battlefield, the international support behind it is also fragile.This will have a profound impact on the future strategy choice of Ukraine. The Zellezi government must weigh the advantages and disadvantages under the pressure of internal and external pressures and seek the best conflict solution.

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