Wu'an peppercorns, take the special line to Europe

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  In the winter season, the peach blossoms mountain deep deep in the Taihang seemed to be extraordinarily quiet. Looking at it from a distance, the peppercorns in the mountains have also fallen into the leaves, and the harvest period of peppercorns has passed.

  However, Xiyu Village, more than ten kilometers away from the foot of the mountain, is completely another scene.In the production base of Taohuashan Cooperative in Wu'an, busy sounds with the sound of machine motors. One after another, the working villagers are making the last sort for the peppercorns.Subsequently, the sorted peppercorn will be exported to Europe to Europe.

  The cold wind blows, and a flavor of pepper began to diffuse in the air, as if telling a different kind of harvest story in Taihang Mountain.

  Get rich in the mountainous area to get rich trees

  Xiyu Village is located in western Wu'an and belongs to the hills of the mountains with an altitude of about 480 meters.Sun Zhigang, chairman of Taohuashan Cooperative, has lived here from an early age.

  "There are a lot of mountains around our village, and this kind of land cannot be planted as wheat and corn. Since the memories, there are a lot of pepper trees planted on the slopes." Sun Zhigang recalled that when he was a child, his hometown was in the late summer and early autumn.It started to diffuse a pepper aroma.

  However, another impression of the long history of planting peppercorn in the local area is that the mountain roads leading to the field are rugged and difficult to walk. It is only enough to walk in one person.

  The land is barren and the traffic is inconvenient, and "poverty" has also become synonymous with local.In order to find a way out, there are more and more villagers who go out to farmers. Sun Zhigang is one.After graduating from junior high school in 1999, he worked in a nearby factory. However, he was born in a peasant family. He had special emotions for the land. After work, there was no desertation in the peppercorns at home.

  In 2008, when Sun Zhigang was working in the factory, he was accidentally burned his eyes, causing the right eye blindness and identified as a fourth -level disability.He was originally a technical worker in the workshop and was taken care of by the factory to the logistics department, which made Sun Zhigang, who had always been pursuing progress.There are more time to get free, and he starts to remember the pepper on the "mountain" again.

  Sun Zhigang said that due to the large temperature difference between day and night in the village and good soil quality, it is suitable for the growth of peppercorns. The peppercorns of peppercorns are rich and full of granules. They are high -quality varieties in peppercorns.

  However, due to the limitation of concepts, economy, transportation and other conditions, and the lack of unified management, the peppercorns grown in villagers are different, lack of maintenance, unstable output, and no mature sales channels.There is no bargaining power, and it is often not sold well.

  After work, he began to check information online and seek opportunities to visit the peppercorns planting bases in Gansu, Shaanxi and other places on the spot.In Sun Zhigang's opinion, the accumulation of experience in how to maintain the pepper tree has continued, but the timing of large -scale cultivation is not mature.

  "In the past, there was no way on the mountain. If you want to pick up peppercorns, you can only carry the livestock. If you have more, you ca n’t transport it, which will affect the enthusiasm of the villagers." Changing, in 2015, in order to open up the bottleneck of the villagers to get rich, the government organization was built.Mountain road.

  The road is good, and the car can be drove directly under the terraces, and the enthusiasm of the villagers to plant peppercurry trees has also been mobilized.In 2018, Sun Zhigang, who had previous experience, led the establishment of Taohua Mountain Pepper Pepper Plant Planting Cooperative to carry out "nanny -style" services, including peppercorns seedlings, planting technical guidance, product recycling, etc., which must be in response to growers.

  Pepper on the Silk Road Journey

  "Now the base grows hundreds of acres of pepper trees, and the radiation drives the villagers to plant 3,000 acres. Every year when the pepper picking season is taken, the men, women, and children in the village will be dispatched together and pick up peppercorns." Speaking of the current peppercorns planting, the cooperatives are made up, and Sun Zhigang is Gang Ganggang.It's hard to hide the excitement.

  Following his guidelines, the reporter came to the processing workshop and the peppercorns waiting for processing were piled up. The villagers were seriously sorting artificial sorting and made the final preparation for the upcoming order to Europe.

  "We also had the dream of going abroad before, but I didn't expect it to go so smoothly." Speaking of this wonderful fate, Sun Zhigang still felt incredible."After the establishment of the cooperative, we have a unified standard for the varieties and quality of farmers. After having a certain reputation in the surrounding areas, we will hold the product to participate in the domestic exhibitions.The opportunity, I didn't expect, here, I really opened the overseas market. "

  Robin Schneider is the first group of merchants who have established cooperation with cooperatives.He recalled that 4 years ago, at a Chinese medicine and botanical exchange meeting held in Tianjin, he saw the peppercorns displayed from Taohuashan Cooperative.Robin Schneider, who has been engaged in the purchase of pharmaceutical ingredients in Germany for many years, saw the peppercorns with a big, good -looking, and rich flavor at a glance, and took the initiative to come to Wu'an's planting base for field inspection.

  “经过检测,花椒的爆炸资讯农药残留低于我国的限量标准,Football Jersey Reps而且多项农药残留量为零,爆炸资讯其提取素可以做止咳、镇痛等类药物。Football Jersey”罗宾·施耐德说,合作社的花椒品质,best reps shoes在The entire industry is superior, and he quickly signed tens of thousands of pounds of product orders with Sun Zhigang.Today, it is the fourth year of cooperation.

  "The EU has high requirements for the standards of peppercorns, especially for the remaining requirements for the dust of peppercorns and the residues of pesticides. But for our products, many old customers have no samples, so they directly place orders." Sun Zhigang said, except for brands, except for brandsWord of mouth has continued to establish, overseas orders have come, and what makes them happy is that the opening of the China -Europe trains has brought more convenience to the export of peppercorns.

  "In the past, if our products want to export, we need to transfer to Tianjin Port for more than 30 days. Last year, as Wu'an opened the China -Europe trains, local peppercorns expected to arrive in Europe for 15 days, and the time was shortened." Sun Zhigang said that Sun Zhigang said.Considering the convenience of transportation now, in October this year, Robin Schneider ordered 30,000 pounds of peppercorns at a time.

  In Sun Zhigang's view, the "ride" of the China -Europe trains can make trade exchanges more unobstructed, thanks to the major initiative of the "Belt and Road"."In the past few years, as there are more and more routes opened everywhere, our export channels have more choices. For us, this is not only a good policy in the news, but also bring us real.convenient."

  "Like this dried peppercorns, it has been sold for 20 yuan per catty in the past, a pound of overseas sold to more than 30 yuan, one household can receive more than 300 pounds, and the income can be increased by tens of thousands of yuan each year." For the development, he even created a "miracle" of a live broadcast of 60,000 yuan and 15,000 catties of large single sales to Europe.

  "This year we intend to participate in some exhibitions and strive to bring another new order back!" Speaking of the future, Sun Zhigang is full of longing.

  At the moment, Wu'an pepper hidden in deep mountains has been hidden in the mountains for many years, and is taking the out of the mountain with the express train that builds the "Belt and Road" to build overseas.

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