American intelligence refers to the wars of the Black War that causing 315,000 Russian soldiers casualties

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According to the U.S. intelligence agency estimation,特快资讯 315,000 Russian soldiers have been injured or killed since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war.

A newly decrypted American intelligence assessment, Russia was destroyed in the Ukrainian war, nearly 90%of the pre -war army casualties, and thousands of main war tanks were destroyed.

As the President of Ukraine visited Washington, the information appeared in a decryption document submitted to Congress, and its intention was to persuade the US Congress to approve to provide military assistance to Kiev.

According to many US media reports, according to the same document, Russia lost 2,200 of the 3,500 tanks before the start of the war on February 24, 2022.

Since Russia had invaded Urotic in February last year, there have been 31,500 Russian soldiers' casualties, accounting for 87%of the Russian troops before the war.The same source also said that Russia also lost two -thirds of the tank forces, which is equivalent to 2,200 of the 3,500 tanks before the invasion.

Neither the United States nor Ukraine has the latest assessment of Ukrainian military personnel casualties.Ukraine's last public disclosure of the number of soldiers was in December 2022. A consultant of Zelleiski said at the time that 13,000 soldiers died in the war.

Washington and Kiev officials acknowledged that there were tens of thousands of soldiers in Ukraine.

Ukraine launched a large -scale counterattack at the end of the summer, but did not recover large territories occupied by Russia.The counterattack was very arduous, and at the frontier, it had to suffer a counterattack once again and again.

The Russian soldiers arranged the co -operating work of dogs on the front line, and buried a large amount of mines, which made counterattacks difficult.The Ukrainian soldiers paid a heavy price when they crossed the lightning zone and trying to break through the line of defense built in the east and south.

Some Ukrainian soldiers participating in the counterattack said that the combat was extremely cruel, and many troops lost a lot of combat effectiveness.From a population perspective, Ukraine is much less population than Russia.Russia's population is about 3.5 times that of Ukraine.

In order to supplement the loss of soldiers, Russia released tens of thousands of prisoners on front lines from prison.Since September last year, the Russian army has also mobilized 300,000 renovated soldiers to Ukraine.

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