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Author: snake big hammer

Why do you sell gold in China [Zhou]?Current Affairs

Zhou Dafu on Saturday, Zhou Shengsheng Zhou Da Sheng Zhou ...

I have been curious for a long time. Why do many domestic jewelry brands surname Zhou?

Are they relatives?What is it?

I believe you should be curious too?

Let's take a look at the establishment time of major brands:

From this point of view, Zhou Dafu and Zhou Shengsheng's establishment time is the closest.

Because the founders are all surnamed Zhou, so ... you know

Big Brother with a long qualification: Zhou Dafu

Zhou Zhiyuan couple

In 1929, Zhou Zhiyuan, a native of Shunde, Guangdong opened a "Zhou Dafu Jinpu". In 1938, Guangzhou fell. Zhou Zhiyuan moved the store to Macau. In 1939, he opened a branch in Hong Kong.

At this time, Zhou Dafu was just a very ordinary one of the hundreds of golden shops in China.In 1943, Zheng Yutong, an apprentice of Jindian, married Zhou Cuiying, the daughter of the boss, and gradually took over the Jinxing business. It was in the hands of Zheng Yutong that Zhou Dafu changed from a small gold shop to a large jewelry brand.

Early Zhou Dafu Jinpu

In 1956, Zheng Yutong launched the "999.9 gold jewelry" in Hong Kong and Macao, which is the "thousands of gold" that the older generation of people thought about it.In the following decades, under the control of Zheng Yutong, Chow Tai Fook promoted the price policy of jewelry and jewelry, becoming a global special partner of the Dobels company that controls the global diamond industry chain.Point, business expands to Singapore and Malaysia ...

Zheng Yutong couple

In addition to good quality, Chow Tai Fook also has many excellent designers to maintain the output of explosive products. For example, the annual zodiac series, and the once hot angel baby series, are all sought -after goods!

Personal fashion feel: Zhou Shengsheng

Zhou Fangpu couple

Zhou Shengsheng's store is like this, the style of painting is still very high ~

Zhou Shengsheng is also a very historic brand. Founded in 1934, it coincides with the surname of Zhou Fangpu.However, Zhou Zhiyuan, the founder of Zhou Dafu, is not a relative, because Zhou Fangpu is from Zhanjiang, and Zhou Zhiyuan is from Shunde.

The brand name of "Zhou Shengsheng" is also very particular about it.

In order to avoid the war, Zhou Shengsheng moved to Macau in 1938.As for why it is now a Hong Kong brand, it is because the founders of the founders Zhou Junling, Junlian and Jun Ren inherited the Macau store in 1941, and transferred to Hong Kong in 1948 to open a branch. Later, the business became better and better.Gradually transferred to Hong Kong.

Early Zhou Shengsheng Jinxing

In the early days, the product focused on fashion styling and inlaid process.

The Golden Zodiac is their first in 1983.

And after many times, he has won high -end jewelry awards because of his colorful design, and the high -end brand image has gradually established.

Ling Ghost: Zhou Dasheng

Compared to the first two, Zhou Dasheng is like a young man. The brand history is not comparable to the previous two. It opened the first counter in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store in 1999.

Although its founder is also surnamed Zhou, it is called Zhou Zongwen.But the name Zhou Dasheng ...

It is inevitable that people will guess whether the two big brother pictures mentioned in the front of the trend

Although the history is not long and the popularity is relatively weak, it is willing to spend money on the spokesperson.

Sister Zhiling first ~

Then Angelababy

The marketing strategy is really full of hard work.All kinds of popular goddesses are spokespersons

The popularity rose simply!

Probably because the surname Zhou's jewelry shops were all sent, everyone named Zhou Qi, like the founder of Saturday, the founder of Saturday, the surname was not surnamed, and his surname was Li.The founder of "Zhou Baifu" is not surnamed Zhou, but the surname Ye

"Faithfulness is Zhou", always warn yourself to be loyal and trustworthy.

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