1270 Russian Army; the United States: Our resources are almost exhausted, and Congress must take action

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From February 24,Express information 22 to December 6, 23, the enemy's total battle loss is about:

  • Person--335,110 (+1,270) people are cleaned up
  • Tanks -5,600 (+13)
  • Armored chariot -10456 (+40)
  • Number of artillery systems -8024 (+37)
  • RSZV -919 (+6)
  • Air defense method -605 (0)
  • airplane -324 (+1)
  • Helicopter -324 (0)
  • Combat tactical drone -6083 (+51)
  • Cruise missile -1570 (0)
  • Ship/ship -22 (0)
  • Submarine -1 (0)
  • Car equipment and tanker -10532 (+49)
  • special equipment -1153 (+5)

The State Department of the United States emphasized that the United States aid Ukraine's resources almost exhausted, and urgently needed additional funds.

According to the European True News, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said at the press conference.

He pointed out that the difficult winter of Ukraine is coming, and Russia may attack key infrastructure again.

Miller said: "In terms of providing security assistance to Ukraine, we have almost exhausted resources."

Representatives of the State Council emphasized that Congress should take action and approve funds to provide assistance to Ukraine.

"As we have been clearly stated, helping Ukraine to resist Russia's aggression is the crucial national security interests in the United States. Therefore, Secretary of State continued to defend this position ... Only a few weeks left this year, we hope that CongressTake action as soon as possible. "-Miller added.

As you know, protecting the southern border issue of the United States has become a key source of the Democratic Party and Republican Different Party of the Parliament, which currently hinders the approval of additional financial requirements of the White House.

Republicans call for more stringent immigration requirements to prevent immigrants and even violate US humanitarian obligations, while Democrats have promoted a comprehensive reform of the immigration system itself.

The representatives of the two parties have been negotiating to reach a compromise, but the Democratic chief negotiator Chris Murphy told reporters thatNegotiatingIt was because the Republican refused to make concessions.

Britain will allocate more than 43 million euros to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

Britain will provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid of £ 37 million (more than 43 million euros).

As written in "European Truth", the British government reported on this.

The statement said that British Foreign Minister David Cameron would announce the allocation of these funds during his visit to the United States on December 6.

On the eve of the visit, the official announced that it provided Ukraine with a new winter humanitarian aid plan with a amount of 29 million pounds, and the £ 7.75 million was used for humanitarian activities to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups.Ukrainian population.

The funds are part of the total humanitarian aid of 127 million pounds provided by Ukraine and regions announced by the UK in the Ukraine Fuxing Conference in June in June.

The total amount of military, humanitarian and economic support provided by Britain to Ukraine is close to 11 billion pounds.

One day before,Cameron promisesLondon's support for Ukraine next year will not decrease.

What we want to remind is that Cameron will visit Washington on Wednesday, December 6, which is the first time he has visited the United States since he took office.This visitThe point is to support UkraineFighting against Russia's aggression.

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