International gold prices rose over 13% in 2023. The high probability of innovation in 2024 is very high

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Russia and Ukraine's conflict entered the 82nd day. At present,Express information not only the killing on the battlefield is very stuck, but the game outside the battlefield has also entered the heat.It is even more difficult to make people unpredictable that the news inside and outside the battlefield is flying, and it is difficult to determine which news is real.Ukraine claimed that the recent continuous counterattack in Halkov achieved a decisive victory and forced the battle to the border of Russia.The Ukraine also announced that the Russian army forced the Nightshtz River by the Russian army was suffered by the Ukrainian army and suffered heavy losses.The Ukrainian authorities announced that the Ukrainian army would reverse the situation in August and defeat the Russian army to recapture all the land before the end of the year, including Donbas and Crimea.The above news was released by Ukraine, and even the internal contradictions in Ukraine.Russia also rumored to the Nights of the Beitts River, claiming that the news disclosed in Ukraine was not true. A large number of tank wreckage on the spot was the tank of both Russia and U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -ands.Russia did not confirm the news of Ukraine's counterattack in Halkov.

Russia's Putin announced that special military operations are progressing smoothly, and they are achieving their goals steadily at the scheduled rhythm. They firmly believe that the Russian army will achieve its own victory according to the scheduled plan.Judging from the corresponding war reports, the Russian army can explode a large number of ammunition storage, command posts, guarantee positions and posts, etc. every day, etc., every day, it is advanced in the direction of Donbass, which is absolutely preferred in the situation.Russia can use the firepower advantages of air fighters and ground artillery to violently suppress the Ukraine. Although the Ukrainian army can also counterattack at a local, it is difficult to recover the advantage on the momentum.In the game of the Asia Steel Factory, the Russian army also occupied an overwhelming advantage.After Ukraine has implemented several rescue operations and suffered heavy losses, he did not dare to organize rescue activities easily.Against the background of playing food, the Army Camp forces also began to lose its combat effectiveness, and the organization could not be organized.Asia Camp for help around the world also shows that they have completely desperate and have fallen into an absolutely passive situation.

The situation of the battlefield is stuck, the game outside the battlefield is fierce, and the situation has become more complicated.Although the news revealed by Ukraine was that the Ukraine began to counterattack, the situation in Ukraine was not optimistic at all.The Ukraine Economic Minister is very pessimistic about the current situation of Ukraine, saying that the current energy inventory of Ukraine is urgent, gasoline has only 5 days, diesel is only 3 days, and other energy sources have also entered a state of emergency.The Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander Cava also pointed out that most of the steel mills in Ukraine are already scrapped and semi -scrapped, lost the ability to process iron ore, and lost half of the steel and iron ore export capabilities.As Alexander Cava pointed out, the Ukrainian military system has been beaten and has lost its sustainable production capacity.In this context, Ukraine no longer has the ability to use the existing military system to independently produce weapons and equipment.Most weapons and equipment in Ukraine need to be purchased from Western countries such as the United States, Britain, and Europe, which is indeed very passive.

Ukraine Treasury Secretary Mallang also publicly complained that Ukraine paid everything for Western democracy, but most of the aid given by Western countries was not free.Mallo complained that Ukraine received only 800 million US $ 800 million in unpaid donations, and the remaining ones were exchanged for Ukraine for mortgages.Ukraine uses its own ports, land, minerals, food, etc. to exchange for military assistance from Western countries such as the United States, Britain, and Europe. The price is very heavy.The United States requires Ukraine to fight a person, and Ukraine mortgage all the land, resources and ports to them is very smart.Ukraine complained that it was stolen by the West in the future, which is indeed the helplessness of Ukraine.The United States is unable to afford it early, and it is impossible to provide free assistance for Ukraine, so it is inevitable to control Ukraine in the future through conflicts.Ukraine complained that the West could not provide unpaid assistance and asked Ukraine to mortgage the future, which was just helpless complaints.Regardless of the ending of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, Ukraine is the most conflict with the conflict.

President Ukradiski appointed Major Tanqiura, the former chief of staff of the Army as commander of the Terry Defense Force on the 15th local time, and replaced Uri Galuskin, who had previously served as the job.Suddenly replacing the commander may be a signal that the Black Wars Bureau is unfavorable.On May 15th, Crizzki, the chief of military executives of Lavorf, Ukraine, revealed to the outside world that military infrastructure at the Yavolov district of Levov, 15 kilometers away from the Poland border was attacked by Russian missiles.The missile directly attacked the military facilities near the Ukraine area, which showed that the situation was even more tense.In the case of the situation and confusing situation of the Russian and Ukraine battlefield, the game outside the battlefield is also very fierce.Finland began to apply for joining NATO, and Sweden also began to apply for joining NATO, which is obviously an action to add to Russia.The United States is now trying to use all means to use to face pressure on Russia to achieve its own purpose.Of course, in the face of Russian killer weapons, the United States is also very afraid of strategic nuclear weapons that can directly attack the United States and cause fatal blows to the United States.

In order to prevent Russia's dead nets in the future, the United States has begun to consider prohibiting Russia from using killer weapons.The Russian Ambassador to the United States Antonov said: "The United States wants to restrict Russia's strategic military reserve -'Poseidon' unmanned nuclear power submarine and 'Sal Mart' intercontinental ballistic missile." The United States wants to be in the future military controlIn the draft agreement, it is included in the prohibition of Russia from using the "Poseidon" unmanned nuclear power submarine and the "Salmat" intercontinental ballistic missile.The United States wants to prohibit Russia from using killer weapons, mainly to worry that Russia suddenly performs a killer to carry out counterattacks when Russia forced to reach a desperate situation.Russian National Aerospace Corporation President Luo Getin commented that "Salmat" intercontinental ballistic missiles can carry out no dead ends in any region of the world and ensure that Russia's land is safe for 30-40 years.Obviously, Russia also attaches great importance to this killer weapon, and it is also an important means to check and balance the United States.The United States wants to prohibit Russia from using killer weapons, and it is also to remove Russia's final sword, so that they can put pressure on Russia unscrupulously.

Under the context of the United States' conflict in Russia, the United States suddenly wanted to ban Russia's use of killer weapons through nuclear control, and it was also afraid that the crisis would hit the United States.Although the United States has always wanted to ignite the conflict, sit on the mountains to watch the tiger fight, and collect the advantages of the fishermen, the current situation, the crisis still inevitably impacts the United States and Europe.The "Trumanism", "Marshall Plan" and the North Atlantic Convention Organization are the three pillars of the United States to maintain the world hegemony. It is also a specific strategy for US politics, economy, and military to implement hegemony.The Russian -Ukraine conflict has led to the collapse of the global order. The initiative of the United States has been torn by the United States itself. The world has entered an era of disorderly era. The three pillars of the United States to maintain world hegemony have begun to loosen.Finland and Sweden are applying for joining NATO, which seems to solve the problem of NATO's brain death, but Turkey has publicly said no to joining the NATO in Finland, which also shows that the division of NATO has intensified.

Once the reputation collapses, it is difficult to run smoothly by various operating systems, which is also the biggest impact of the United States.The impact of the institutional collapse on the United States is fundamental. It will exacerbate the internal contradictions of the United States, accelerate the decline of the United States, and directly affect the future of the United States.In the impact of this crisis, a large number of American experts raised concerns, and bluntly pointed out that the United States has harvested the interests in front of it, but lost its future.The Russian conflict made the world witness the collapse of US democracy and values, which caused a crisis of trust.The United States and Europe have begun to become no longer confident, and began to doubt the western system and democracy. The loss of confidence is leading to the loss of support for the stability of the United States and Europe.The United States has continuously suffered a vicious shooting, and social riots have risen, and everyone is worried about their own security.

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