Li Zhiying's renewal prosecution shows political contact map refers to Li collusion with external forces

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Li Zhiying,一刻资讯 the founder of One Media, continued to be tried in violation of the case of the "Hong Kong National Security Law".The prosecution showed a political contact map in the court, showing the connection between Li Zhiying and the political figures of the United States and Britain, and quoted Li Zhiying's tweets, the remarks during the interview, etc., accusing Li Zhiying's conspiracy to collude with external forces, urging Western countries to sanction Hong Kong in Hong KongAnd the head of the central government.

According to the Hong Kong "Ming Dao", "Sing Tao Daily" and the Internet media "Hong Kong 01" reported, Li Zhiying and the three related companies of "Apple Daily" involved the collusion of foreign forces, and renewed on Wednesday (January 3) in the West Kowloon Magistrate Court.

The prosecution is proof of Zhou Tianxing, deputy criminal prosecution commissioner of the Department of Justice.In the court, he submitted a diagram of Li Zhiying's "external political connection" relationship with the collegiate panel of the three "Hong Kong National Security Law".Political figures such as Peng Dingkang are connected.

The prosecution divided the politicians involved in the case as "American Line", "British Line" and "Taiwan Line". Many of the politicians were accused of Li Zhiying's middleman or agent, including former US Department of Defense VolffitzFormer U.S. Army General Kane and other senior officials.

After the "Hong Kong National Security Law" took effect in 2020, Kane and Volfuwitz interviewed the interview show "Live Chat with Jimmy Lai" hosted by Li Zhiying.issue.The prosecution also showed photos of Li Zhiying and former US Secretary of State Pompeo.

Mark Simon, who was wanted by the Hong Kong Government, was also accused of meeting with Li Zhiying on behalf of Li Zhiying on behalf of Li Zhiying and established multiple communications groups.The prosecution shows a phone screenshot that shows that Li Zhiying and Simon's communication software SIGNAL dialogue has a group called "Jim/Jimmy/Mark".Group.The two also discussed Li Zhiying's article with the Wall Street Journal editor Bill McGurn in the three groups.After the "Hong Kong National Security Law" took effect, Simon still reported to Li Zhiying's foreign situation.

The prosecution also showed Li Zhiying's interview clips and tweets, accusing Li Zhiying repeatedly calling on the United States and other countries to impose sanctions on Hong Kong.The prosecution stated that Li Zhiying also proposed "one person, one letter to save Hong Kong" through the WhatsApp group in May 202020, calling on the Hong Kong citizens to send a letter to Trump to ask the United States to sanction Hong Kong and Beijing officials.

In addition, Li Zhiying was also stated that Zhang Jianhong, then the president of the Apple Daily in 2019, interviewed the founders of the Causeway Bay Bookstore, Lin Rongji, Pengdingkang and others, and asked them to evaluate the "Fugam Regulations" to attract more Hong Kong people to protest on the street.

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