2023 China Ice Hockey Association Youth Training Camp (Jiamusi Station) Camp

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This hotly discussed informationyouth training camp attaches great importance to safety work, adheres to the bottom line of thinking, strengthens the management of internal camps, firmly establishes a sense of safety, so as to remind and check every day, and firmly ensure that the safety of the youth training camp is smooth and smooth.

This activity effectively inspired the enthusiasm of young people in Heilongjiang Province to participate in ice hockey. It is of great significance to discover good seedlings with potential and to save reserve talents in Chinese ice hockey.At the same time, by learning the advanced ice hockey training concept of foreign coaches, the team of domestic young coaches has broaden their horizons and exercises, and the coaching ability has been further improved.

Jiamusi Station is the last stop of the Youth Training Camp of the China Ice Hockey Association in 2023. In the future, the China Ice Hockey Association will combine the development of my country's youth ice hockey to continue to carry out youth training camps, work hard, consolidate the foundation, and train and transport all ages for the Chinese ice hockey team to train all ages for all ages for the Chinese ice hockey team. The group of young people with young people has laid a solid foundation for the improvement of China's ice hockey level.

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