2023 China Sports Tourism Boutique Project Announcement

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  China Net,hot news December 12th. On December 8th, the licensed ceremony of the 2023 China Sports Tourism Boutique Project was held at the opening ceremony of the 2023 China Sports Culture Expo and the China Sports Tourism Expo.The sports and tourism boutique projects awarded this time are divided into boutique scenic spots, boutique lines, boutique events, boutique destinations and top ten boutique projects.

  2023 China Sports Tourism Boutique Project References collected 810 projects introduced from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities.The following is the list of "2023" China Tourism Boutique Project.

  1. Beijing (6 boutiques, 3 items, 3 items, 3 times and one item)

  Scenic Area: Beijing Shunyi Olympic Water Park (Top Ten), Manchester United Dream Theater, ice and snowstone Jinglong, Wenyu River Park, Fenghuangling Scenic Area

  Line: Yanqing Cycling Sports Travel Line (Top Ten)

  Competition: Beijing International Mountain Walking Conference (3 Top Ten), Pinggu · Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Iron Man (Top Ten), International Equestrian Culture Week (Beijing) and Tianxing Tuobu Open, International Kite Festival

  2. Tianjin (4 boutique, one ten best)

  Scenic Area: Dongli Lake Scenic Area, Tianhaifeng Qi Yunwan Fashion Beach Scenic Area, V1 Car World

  Line: Ring Duanpu Lake Sports Leisure Travel Line

  Destination: Dongli Lake Street (Top Ten)

  3. Hebei Province (2 boutiques, one top ten items)

  Scenic Area: Shishan Forest Park

  Line: Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Sports Travel Line (Top Ten)

  Race: Jinshanling Great Wall Half Marathon

  Fourth, Shanxi Province (3 boutiques, two bests, two items, 3 times and one item)

  Scenic Area: Jinzhong Kowloon International Cultural Ecological Tourism (Top Ten)

  Line: Datong Great Wall No. 1 Tourism Highway Outdoor Sports Line

  Competition: China Jinzhong International Rouli Ball Exchange Conference (3 Top Ten), Taiyuan Marathon, China · Fanfan's "Ring Wutai Mountain" hiking conference and "Ring Wutai Mountain" cross -country challenge

  Destination: Datong City (Top Ten)

  5. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (2 items of boutique)

  Competition: Desert Challenge in the Asia -Pacific Business School, Cross -Country E -Alashan Dream Desert Automobile Aviation Park Scenic Area

  6. Liaoning Province (2 items of boutique)

  Scenic Area: Honghe Canyon Drifting

  Race: Baturukilian · Guanmen Mountain One Bai

  7. Jilin Province (2 items, ten bests)

  Scenic Area: Changbai Mountain Wanda Sports Tourist Scenic Area (Top Ten), Changbai Mountain Luneng Return International Resort

  Line: Huan Changbai Mountain Sports Tourism Route (Top Ten)

  Competition: China Changchun Jingyue Lake Wasa International Ski Festival

  8. Heilongjiang Province (2 items, one of the top ten, 1 item, 3 times and one item)

  Competition: "Huayi Cup" China Harbin International Sports Dance Open (3 times), the China -Russia border Jiang Heilongjiang International Ice Hockey Friendship Tournament (Top Ten), China Harbin Roller Skate World Cup

  Destination: Minshan District, Qiqihar City

  Nine, Shanghai (2 boutiques, one top ten items, 3 times and one item)

  Scenic Area: Bihai Jinsha Sports Tourist Scenic Area (3 Top Ten), North Bund Guopu Center Scenic Area

  Competition: Shanghai ATP1000 Masters (Top Ten), F1 China Grand Prix

  10. Jiangsu Province (9 items, two best boutiques, two items of ten items, 3 times and two items)

  Scenic Area: Jiangyin Hailan Horse Cultural Theme Tourist Scenic Area (3 Top Ten Top), Suzhou Leduraza Shanhu International Camp (Top Ten), Nanjing Huan Laoshan Sports Scenic Area, Yangzhou Sports Park Sports Scenic Area, Global Animation Play Valley, Huai'an, Huai'anBaimahu Tourist Resort

  Line: Huan Taihu Ecological Tour

  Competition: Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Boat Race, China Badminton Open, 2023 Wuxi Marathon, 2023 Yangzhou Jianzhen Half Marathon and Grand Canal Marathon Series (Yangzhou Station)

  Destination: Liyang City (Top Ten Top), Kunshan Tourism Resort (Top Ten)

  Eleven, Zhejiang Province (4 items, ten best boutiques)

  Scenic Area: Huzhou Cloud Prairie (Top Ten), Xu Yiyan Outdoor Operation Base

  Line: Chasing the sun to Taizhou -"Sea Insurance" Sports Tourism Route "Sea Danger"

  Competition: Kaile Shigan Mountain Runs (Top Ten), the main venue of the National New Year's High Fitness Conference (Zhejiang Jiangshan), Huanqian Island Lake Highway Race

  12. Anhui Province (1 item)

  Scenic Area: Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area

  Thirteen, Fujian Province (6 boutiques, 2 bests, two items, 3 times and ten items)

  Scenic Area: Fujian Baishuiyang-Xunxi Scenic Area (3 Top Ten), Xiamen Hongshan Automobile Cultural Park, Shanghang Tingjiang Green Road Scenic Area, Liancheng Guanyama Scenic Area

  Line: Sports Tourism Route in Minjiangyuan Ecological Tourism Area

  Competition: China Club Cup Sailing Challenge (3 Top Ten), Xiamen Marathon (Top Ten), "Wu Qingyuan Cup" World Women's Go Competition and World Artificial Intelligence Go Contest, "Ocean Cup" China · Pingtan International Bicycle Open

  Destination: Fujian Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone (3 Top Ten), Siming District, Xiamen City (Top Ten)

  14. Jiangxi Province (3 items, ten best boutiques, two items of 3 items, 3 times and two items)

  Scenic Area: Dayu Yamshan Tourist Resort (3 Top Ten Top), Lushan West Sea Scenic Area

  Line: Sports and Leisure Tourism Routes (3 times), Ganzhou Yudu New Long March Sports Travel Line (Top Ten)

  Competition: Chinese Iron Man Three League and National Champions Cup

  Destination: Wuyuan County (Top Ten), Chongyi County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province

  Fifteen, Shandong Province (8 items, one of the top ten items)

  Scenic Area: Rizhao Olympic Water Sports Town (Top Ten), Yintan Travel Resort, Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley

  Line: Silver Beach Travel Resort Near Mountain Kiss Sea Sports Traveling route

  Race: Weihai Iron Man Tournament, China Weihai HOBIE Sailing Open, China's Jinan Winter Winter Winning Spring Water International Open, Weifang Dragon Boat Contest

  Destination: Rizhao Wulian County

  16. Henan Province (4 items, one of the ten items, 1 item, 3 times and two items)

  Scenic Area: Jiaozuo Tai Chi Sports Center Scenic Area (Top Ten), Linzhu Mountain International Global Base, Luohe City Shayuhe Sports Tourist Scenic Area

  Line: Jigongshan National Mountaineering Fitness Trail

  Competition: China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival (3 times), China · Sanmenxia across the mother river

  Destination: Jiaozuo City (Top Ten Top 3 times)

  Seventeen, Hubei Province (2 items, ten best boutiques, two items of 3 items, 3 times and two items)

  Scenic Area: Shennongjia International Ski Resort, Water Scenic Area

  Line: Five boutique sports lines of Shennongjia Savage (3 times), Huangshi Tieshan Outdoor Sports Line (Top Ten)

  Competition: Shennongjia Volkswagen Ice and Snow Games (Top Ten)

  Destination: Shennongjia Forest District (3 times of 3 times)

  18. Hunan Province (1 item)

  Line: Dongting Heart Sports Travel Line

  19. Guangdong Province (1 fine item, ten best)

  Scenic Area: Shantou South Australia Island Ecological Tourism Zone (Top Ten)

  Line: Shenzhen Guanhonghu Sports Tourism Route (Top Ten)

  Race: China Cup Sailing Race (Top Ten), Jinli Dragon Boat Dragon Boat Running

  20. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (3 items, one of the top ten items)

  Scenic Area: Anlan Scenic Spot, Gangnan District, Guigang City

  Line: Nanning Daming Mountain Outdoor Sports Travel Line (Top Ten)

  Competition: World Lion King Contest, Nanning Marathon Competition and long -distance running activities of the Jiefang Day of Nanning

  Twenty -one, Hainan Province (4 items of fine products, 3 times and two items)

  Scenic Area: Haikou Guanhonghu Tourist Resort (3 Top Ten), Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Area (3 Top Ten), Haikou Holiday Beach Tourism Area

  Event: Hainan Puzhou Marathon Tournament

  Destination: Sanya City, Haikou City

  Twenty -two, Chongqing City (6 items, one of the top ten items)

  Scenic Area: Changshou Lake Tourism Resort (Top Ten), Nantian Lake Tourist Resort, Jihua Garden, Zhonghai Lixiang Lake

  Line: Shizhu County "Oxygen" You Summer Sports Travel Line

  Competition: Chongqing Marathon, "Thousands of Miles of Yangtze River Born Yunyang" Chongqing Yunyang Landscape and Railway Man in Chongqing

  Twenty -three, Sichuan Province (9 items, ten best boutiques)

  Scenic Area: Chengdu Dong'an Lake International Tourism Resort (Top Ten), Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park, Dujiangyan Hongkou Scenic Area, Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Yuping Mountain Scenic Area, Zigong Jianshan Scenic Area

  Route: Skinte Sports Tourism Route (Top Ten), Sports Tourism Route in Tianxianshan Scenic Area, Lizhou District

  Race: Chinese Go Southwest Chess King Tournament, riding through Sichuan · "Ring Tea Horse Ancient Road" Ya'an International Highway Cycling

  Destination: Wuhou District, Chengdu (Top Ten)

  Twenty -four, Guizhou Province (5 items, ten best boutiques)

  Scenic Area: Rongjiang Seventy -two Village National Sports Bull Town, Danzhai County Wanda Town Sports Tourist Scenic Area

  Line: Liupanshui Meihua Mountain Sports Tourism Line (Top Ten)

  Competition: Taipan "Village BA" Basketball Tournament (Top Ten), "Colorful Guizhou" Chinese History and Cultural City · Zhenyuan Dragon Boat Culture Festival, China Ziyun "Five Peak Cup" rock climbing events, 2023 Soaring Guizhou Scrolls Invitational Tournament

  Twenty -five, Yunnan Province (8 boutiques, ten bests, 2 items of 3 times)

  Scenic Area: Keyi Town

  Route: Kunming Shippent Mountaineering Sports Travel Line (3 Top Ten), Dali Erhai Ecological Corridor Sports Tourism Route (Top Ten)

  Competition: Meili 100 Extreme Pirelli Race, Kunming Tennis Open, Yunnan Dongchuan Desert Flowing Race, China-Burmese Ray-Mu Marathon, Fuxian Lake (International) Plateau Sailing Race, Shanghe Kunming Marathon, "Belt and Road · Colorful color colorful colorYunnan "Kunming E -sports Open

  Destination: Maitreya City, Honghe Prefecture (Top Ten), Tengchong City (3 Top Ten Top)

  26. Tibet Autonomous Region (1 item)

  Racing: Cross Himalaya International Bicycle Extra Race

  27. Shaanxi Province (3 boutiques, 1 best item)

  Scenic Area: Xi'an Laoshi National Wetland Park

  Line: Self -driving Ring Road in Hanzhongliba Mountain and Football in Hanzhong in Shaanxi

  Race: Xi'an City Wall International Marathon (Top Ten)

  Destination: Zhaojin

  28. Gansu Province (3 items)

  Scenic Area: Zhangye Lushui Bay Tourist Resort

  Line: Hezhong -La Taishan Scenic Area Boutique Tourism Line

  Competition: Gobi Challenge of Xuanzang Road Business School

  Twenty -nine, Qinghai Province (5 items, 1 item of ten excellence, one of the ten items, 3 times and three items)

  Scenic Area: Daba National Plateau Sports Training Base, Huanqinghai Lake Sports Tourism Industry Base

  Route: The self -driving route of the Tibetan Plateau Sky Road (3 times), "Passionate Crossing Chandama" boutique self -driving tour (3 times), Damei Qinghai Revoicing and Leisure Line

  Competition: Huanqinghai Lake International Highway Cycling (3 Top Ten), Qinghai International Crossing the Yellow River Extreme Challenge (Top Ten), Haidong City of Haidong City Traditional Archery Elite Competition, Plateau International Kite Invitational Tournament

  30. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (3 items, one of the top ten items)

  Scenic Area: Ningxia Shahu Tourist Scenic Area

  Route: Reading Hai Fitness Tourism and Leisure Circle

  Competition: National Youth Aerospace Model Championship

  Destination: Xixia District, Yinchuan City (Top Ten)

  Thirty -one, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (2 boutiques, 3 times of one item 3 times)

  Scenic Area: Xinjiang Silk Road International Resort (3 Top Ten Top), Xinjiang Karajun International Ecological Tourism Zone

  Race: China Xinjiang Huan Sailu Muhu Highway Race

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