Olympic champion Li Xiaopeng showed up!The 11 -year -old daughter wearing earrings smiled confidently, in the same frame Wu Minxia is not frightened

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On December 11,exclusive information Beijing time, Olympic champion Li Xiaopeng took her daughter Oli to appear in Macau to participate in public welfare activities with their former teammates and their families.Li Xiaopeng, who is over 40 years old, is still glowing. The 11 -year -old daughter Oli also grows up completely. She is very aggressive and stood in the middle of the Olympic champion.

Born in 1981, Li Xiaopeng was the fifth generation of Chinese gymnastics "Li Jiajun" and one of the flags of Chinese gymnastics.In the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Li Xiaopeng first led the team to win the team competition, and then won the men's double bar championship with 9.825 points.In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Li Xiaopeng copied the miracles eight years ago. After the group won the championship, he crowned the double bar championship again with a score of 16.450.The 4 Olympic champion and 16 world championships have surpassed Li Ning.In 2010, Li Xiaopeng, who was famous for his success, officially retired.

In the same year with retirement, Li Xiaopeng and his wife Li Anqi entered the marriage hall. In 2012, her daughter Oli was born in Los Angeles.Olli perfectly inherited the outstanding genes of his parents. As the golden champion, Olli, who had attracted much attention, became popular in the variety show "Dad is back".However, in recent years, with the development of the Internet, traffic has tilted towards other fields.In addition, Li Xiaopeng is relatively low -key on weekdays and does not have too much marketing himself and family. Therefore, when Li Xiaopeng appeared again with his daughter, everyone exclaimed: long time no see, Olei is so big and so beautiful!

Judging from the photos released by Li Xiaopeng, Olli kept a flowing shawl long hair.Although she is only 11 years old, she is quite temperament.Olli pierced earrings and wearing earrings, facing the camera confident.Wu Minxia, the diving Olympic champion, took a photo with Oli. Ollie took a picture of it. She found a perfect angle on her face, making her face look more three -dimensional and generous.Although Wu Minxia is the Olympic champion, Ollie is not afraid of the field in front of them.And Olli's face and facial features are more and more similar to her mother.

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