The market potential of being increased by Shenzhen Stock Connect for two consecutive days further highlights the change from "quantity" to "quality". Yunda shares upgrade its express delivery service

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On November 28th,一刻资讯 Yunda shares were increased by 1.857 million shares by Shenzhen Stock Connect, making the latest shareholding of Yunda shares reach 38.846 million shares, accounting for 1.34% of the company's total share capital of A shares. Just the day before, Yunda shares were also increased by 51,300 shares by Shenzhen Stock Connect. The two-day increase in holdings further highlighted the strength and potential of Yunda shares in the market.

Actively respond to market expectations, and the repurchase plan helps the company to develop continuously.

On November 28th, the closing price of Yunda shares in Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 8.83 yuan, up by 0.57%, the turnover rate was 0.52%, the turnover was 147,500 lots, and the turnover was 129 million yuan. The trading data of this day reflects the activity and stability of Yunda shares in the market.

The data of capital flow further reveals the dynamics of the market. On that day, the net inflow of main funds of Yunda Co., Ltd. was 1.849 million yuan, accounting for 1.43% of the total turnover. The net inflow of hot money was 3,210,800 yuan, accounting for 2.48% of the total turnover. The net outflow of retail funds was 5,059,900 yuan, accounting for 3.92% of the total turnover. Despite the outflow of retail funds, the net inflow of main funds and hot money shows that institutional investors are optimistic about the prospects of Yunda shares.

As one of the leading enterprises in the first echelon of domestic express delivery industry, the dynamics of Yunda shares have attracted much attention from the market. Recently, a number of listed companies, including Yunda Co., Ltd., have continuously issued announcements on share repurchase and increase in holdings, in order to convey a positive signal to the market that the business is stable. Repurchase means an enterprise's confidence in its own value and its expectation for future development.

On November 19th, Yunda announced that it intends to use its own funds to repurchase the issued RMB common stock (A shares) through the trading system of Shenzhen Stock Exchange by centralized bidding, and the repurchased shares will be used for the equity incentive plan or employee stock ownership plan. The total amount of repurchase funds is 50 million yuan (inclusive)-100 million yuan (inclusive), and the repurchase price does not exceed 14 yuan/share.

The independent director of Yunda Co., Ltd. believes that this repurchase is conducive to returning investors, reflecting the company's confidence in the future development prospects and the recognition of internal investment value, and is conducive to safeguarding the interests of investors, especially small and medium-sized investors, and enhancing investor confidence; Buying back shares is used to implement equity incentive or employee stock ownership plan, which is conducive to the company to establish and improve the incentive and restraint mechanism, improve employee cohesion and company competitiveness, and promote the company's sustainable development.

Generally speaking, the repurchase plan of Yunda shares not only shows the firm confidence of the enterprise in its own value, but also actively responds to the market expectations. With the promotion of repurchase plan and the further appearance of market reaction, Yunda shares are expected to make greater breakthroughs and development in express delivery business and emerging business fields.

Change from "quantity" to "quality", and upgrade the express delivery service with digitalization.

As a leading express delivery company, Yunda has been committed to improving service quality, expanding business areas and strengthening digital transformation. In the past Double Eleven, in the face of the "big test" of logistics, Yunda closely followed the needs of consumers, upgraded and optimized a number of products and services, and gradually began to change from "quantity" to "quality" and continued to build a "stable, fast and accurate" service system.

In the transportation link, Yunda predicts the vehicle demand and starts the transportation mode of "trunk line straightening+outlets running straight" to improve the timeliness and optimize the delivery experience of users; In the transit link, Yunda provides personalized sorting, differentiated package collection, optimized frequency of entry and exit, sorting equipment and extended operation time; In the terminal link, Yunda takes the initiative to serve and manage meticulously, sorting out and reserving people, vehicles, venues and equipment in advance, speeding up the construction progress of its own terminal, and ensuring the smooth dispatch in the peak season.

In addition, around the differentiated delivery needs of customers in the peak season, Yunda Supply Chain cooperated with relevant departments to carry out the preparation plan for the peak season, and customized the personalized warehousing and logistics service plan for customers through various measures such as quantity forecast, personnel support, system strategy matching and risk response.

It is worth mentioning that Yunda has made remarkable achievements in digital transformation. By forecasting the peak season volume, full link monitoring and other means, we can ensure the smooth development of subsequent services. During my stay in double 11, data from several e-commerce platforms showed that Yunda was almost in the first echelon, and even ranked first in some platforms, regardless of the timely collection rate, receipt rate and delivery share.

The strategic focus of Yunda has also achieved remarkable results. By reasonably reducing diversified businesses and optimizing resource allocation, the period expenses are continuously reduced, so that the period expenses fall within a reasonable range. In terms of cost, Yunda has implemented a number of effective measures to improve per capita efficiency, dynamically adjust equipment running time, actively optimize stowage and series connection, and adjust vehicle management mode. Next, Yunda will actively use digital tools to improve the capacity utilization rate and equipment turnover rate, continuously improve the terminal service capability, improve the delivery quality of express delivery services, and continuously explore the downward space of costs.

In terms of expenses, Yunda has continuously strengthened its position as the core business of express delivery through reasonable contraction of surrounding businesses and optimization of resources, and promoted the orderly improvement of expenses during operation under the premise of maintaining efficient operation of all links. In the first three quarters of this year, the scale of its four expenses decreased by 359 million yuan; In the third quarter, the scale of the four expenses decreased by 194 million yuan, a significant year-on-year improvement.

In terms of business volume, in the third quarter of this year, Yunda completed a business volume of 4.865 billion pieces, up 6.36% year-on-year, and its market share increased by nearly 0.5 percentage points compared with the second quarter. For the fourth quarter of the traditional peak season, the company remains optimistic.

Tengyun Nie, chairman of Yunda, said recently that he is still optimistic about the future development of the express delivery industry. Including Yunda, the express delivery industry will continue to innovate and change, and use advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to meet customers' personalized, diversified and high-quality needs.

Talking about the business plan for next year, Yunda Co., Ltd. said that it will make full use of the business inertia of continuous improvement of the network, give play to the role of the Collaborative Development Committee and the advantages of the grid warehouse, strengthen the service capacity of the network, and realize the balanced development of the network. The company will actively expand and strengthen the core business of express delivery, convert the high-quality service quality into traffic, and constantly expand the standard express delivery business. While making high-quality parcels with quality, value and profit, it will give reasonable consideration to the capacity utilization rate and marginal effect.

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