World Gold Association: It is expected that domestic gold demand in 2023 will achieve a rebound broadcast article on the basis of lower 2022

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that according to data released by the World Gold Association,热点资讯 the demand for upstream physical gold in 2022 was 1,571 tons, which was 174 tons lower than in 2021.In December, the price price of the Shanghai noon market at the RMB rose by 1%, and the gold price of LBMA, which was priced in US dollars, rose by 3%.In December, the Shanghai Gold Exchange's outbound gold was 142 tons, a decrease of 26%from last year, and the lowest outlet volume since 2012.Overall, it is expected that China's gold demand in 2023 will rebound on the basis of lower 2022.

In 2022, investors' tactical strategy is the main cause of promoting the demand for China's gold ETF.Although the strength of the RMB gold price has contributed positive income to the asset portfolio of many investors, some investors have regarded the rise in the price of the RMB as a profit opportunity; other investors use the gold price to fall to build or increase the gold.All in all, the changes in China's gold ETF position in 2022 showed a negative correlation with domestic gold prices.

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