[World Side] In 2023, gun violence took over 42,000 Americans' lack of gunshot traction treatment resources to cause millions of rural people to fall into crisis

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China Daily,时事新闻 January 2nd. The National Broadcasting Corporation News (NBC News) reported on December 30, 2023 that the violence of firearms in the United States is increasing, which not only occurs on crowded streets in cities, but also occurs in remote areas.In the town.However, the remote regions in the United States lack the resources to rescue people from the damage caused by fatal shootings.

According to reports, people can quickly enter the trauma centers that can cure gunshot wounds and complete equipment in cities and suburbs in the United States.However, for about 60 million Americans living in rural areas, the situation is completely different. For them, being shot means more likely to lose life.

Screenshot of news reports of the United States Broadcasting Corporation

Dr. Joshu Brown, a traumatic surgeon, a traumatic surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, pointed out that "the time is very important for these physical injuries."

During the treatment, doctors have only a few seconds to determine whether the important organs of the wounded have been severely harmed.In addition, major bleeding must be stopped.Dr. Brown said that living in a two -hour journey from the local major trauma center is really "very unfavorable" for the victim of gunshot wounds.

The increasing gun violence in the United States shows that there is no city, towns or villages in this country that can avoid the damage of potential shootings.However, according to a 2016 research, only 24%of residents in the United States can reach institutions that can treat gunshot wounds in an hour's drive.

The National Broadcasting Corporation said that this was a "disaster" in rural areas in the United States. "The report also pointed out that in rural areas in the United States, staff of local medical institutions often lack the experience required to treat patients with gunshot wounds.

Dr. Mike Person, chairman of the American Society of Scholars, said that trauma therapy in rural areas in the United States is often limited to accidents caused by car accidents and agricultural equipment."If there are more than one wounded in a small community, it must be a disaster," he said.

The "gun violent file" set 650 shootings in the United States in 2023 as a large -scale shooting event.In the past ten years, the number of large -scale shootings involved in four or more casualties in the United States has almost doubled.In 2014, there were 272 such incidents recorded in the United States. By 2020, this number had soared to 610.Since then, the data has been increasing upwards.

Screenshot of Lebanon's "Plaza" TV website report

According to reports, relevant experts said that the demand for trauma therapy training throughout the United States is increasing.Person pointed out that the biggest obstacle at present is to find enough teachers to meet this needs.

If a victim of one or two gun wounds can overwhelm the limited number of staff in rural hospitals, doctors in these areas will be more and more worried that more patients will occur at the same time.

Dr. Sheldon Stevenson, Assistant Director of Emergency Division from Lewis Lauston, Maine, was worried about the occurrence of large -scale casualties before October 25, 2023, and thenThat night, in this state where he thought it was relatively safe, the shootings in Lewison eventually killed 18 people.

Stevenson said that when the nightmare began, there were only two emergency doctors and minority nurses and other supporters in the Central Maine Healthcare Ere.

According to data released by the US non -profit organization's "Gun Violence Archives" (GVA) at the end of 2023, more than 42,000 people in the United States lost their lives due to gun violence in 2023.

According to the data, 23,760 people died of the gun involving the gun in the death caused by the violence of these guns, and 18507 people were killed for his killing, unexpected shooting and defensive guns.In addition, more than 1,600 U.S. minors aged 0 to 17 died in gun violence, and 4,444 were injured.

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