When will the gold start a rapid rise and fall mode, when can it stabilize the rebound?

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The热点新闻 November Non -Agricultural Employment Report announced on Friday shows that the number of non -agricultural employment population is 199,000, which is far higher than the previous value of 150,000 and the expected value of 180,000, and the unemployment rate has also dropped from 3.9%to 3.7%.It means that the US macro economy has not failed to decline due to high interest rates, but the demand for the labor market is extremely strong.Affected by beautiful non -agricultural data, the 10 -year US debt yield rose to 4.2780%on the day, which means that the funds for the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes have increased.The expectation of interest rate hikes drove the US index to increase by 0.35%, while gold fell 1.25%in reverse, and the minimum touched US $ 2010.6, calculated at a maximum of 2152.3 in the week, a drop of nearly 150 US dollars.The problem of backwardness of the bond market still exists: the yield of US bonds in March is 5.44%, which is higher than the half -year US bond yield rate of 5.4%, which means that between three to six months, the Fed will likely have interest rate cuts.EssenceOnce the interest rate cut is expected to reconnect, the gold will bottom out.

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From a technical perspective, COMEX gold is in the mid -term bullish trend, but from last week, it entered the recovery phase after the rushing high.The MA20 short -term moving average is still above the MA30 long -term moving average, which means that the bull trend is still continuing.The red lines that run through the recent K -line are the central line, which has a traction effect on the market price.Last week's continuous decline was continuously enhanced by the traction effect of the return line. Once the under -shaped support structure appeared in the future, the probability will restart the rise.

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