Social Comment: Every time China says, Europe should hear it in my heart

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It is Current affairs informationagreed that the twenty -fourth Chinese -EU leadership meeting will be held in Beijing on December 7.State President Xi Jinping will meet with the European Council Chairman Michelle and the Chairman of the European Commission Feng Delin.Premier Li Qiang will meet with Michelle and Feng Delin.This will be the first time for the China -EU leadership meeting for the first time in 4 years. The European society, especially the industrial and commercial circles, has hoped that the leaders who represent the comprehensive recovery of the high -level dialogue communication mechanism of China Europe have heard more good news.

Before the meeting, China emphasized that Central Europe is not an opponent, and the common interests of both sides are far greater than the differences.I wonder if everyone noticed that almost every time Central and EU meets or activities, China will emphasize this.This is by no means casual. It is aware of the mistakes and tendencies of the errors in Europe, and it also contains China's fullness of sincerity in developing Sino -European relations.Leaders' meetings need to provide strategic leadership for the sustainable and healthy development of China -Europe relations, and the European party requires a clearer answer on this fundamental question.

In the conclusion document released by the European Council on June 30 this year, China still positions China as "partners", "competitors" and "institutional opponents".I have to say that this triple positioning to China is not only wrong but also harmful.Based on this, European policy is chaotic, blurred and highly unstable. The three -pointer of the "Heyan" style of all parties inside Europe makes many European people feel thatdirection.

"Partner", "competitor" and "institutional opponent" are the three positioning, not one. Putting them together will definitely contradict each other and fight with each other.In fact, the European policy of Europe has increasingly shifted to the direction of "competitors" or even "opponents", such as promoting "risks" to China, general politicalization and pan -security, and cooperating with the United States to curb the Chinese policy, etc.Wait, these have created many unnecessary obstacles and difficulties for China -Europe relations.To continue like this, China and Europe may really change from "partners" to "opponents", although it is the result that both China and the European Union do not want to see.

Europe must solve this major understanding of this, and realize that China -Europe comprehensive strategic partnership is the only accurate and correct positioning in China -Europe relations.This was an obvious objective fact, but some Europeans couldn't see it after wearing various colored glasses.Even when the differences between China and the European Europe are the most prominent, the positions of both parties are always consistent in maintaining principles such as polymerization, strengthening global governance, opposition to trade protectionism and unilateralism.Coordination and mutual support on global issues such as stability are smooth. The huge trade amount of China and the European Europe has supported countless mutually beneficial and win -win cooperation projects.There is no fundamental conflict between China and the European Europe, and cooperation accounts for the absolute mainstream of the relationship between the two parties.This is not a partner. What is a partner?

As long as you relax your horizons and open your heart, many problems are not problems, and even differences can be properly controlled.For example, Berrely, a senior representative of EU diplomacy and security policy, said that the EU's "Global Portal" plan is not opposite to the "Belt and Road" initiative, but a complementary relationship, which aims to promote global development.The global infrastructure investment gap is calculated at a trillion -dollar level. Which country or economy can "swallow" the market?For another example, in some local conflicts and hotspots, Europe and China have strategic consensus on promoting ceasefire, active persuasion, and promoting talks.Confrontation to solve.This also reflects the significance and value of China -Europe strategic communication.

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