Fujian launches family health promotion actions

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Reported on December 11,突发新闻 Southeast Network (Reporter Daixi, a reporter from the Fujian Health Newspaper)

"Putting the first diagnosis of the screening to the community is too convenient for our elderly!" In the Huadian Street Community Health Service Center in Gulou District, Fuzhou, Aunt Guo, a 59 -year -old resident, participated in a health screening activity for the first time. It is difficult to hide the joy.Affection.

Check your health offline and send the screening service in depth the community; online school knowledge, combined with hot spots for health science popularization.Not long ago, the Provincial Family Planning Association organized the "Chongyang Health Travel Services Warm Heart" and special screening public welfare activities of cervical plaques, which was widely praised by middle -aged and elderly groups.

In recent years, our province has actively responded to the call of "healthy China", carried out family health promotion actions, explored and activated the potential for health management of small families, and promoted the implementation of "large health and great health" of the whole people.

Entering the Family Health Service Center of Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, the community people's livelihood comprehensive service center, the elder cafeteria · school, neighboring center, children's activity center and other areas are all available.The online and offline health knowledge science sinks the medical resources of the people's practical need to sink to the front line, covering the whole life cycle of grass -roots people such as health care, healthy youth, health, and enjoying the elderly.

This is just one of the pilot projects of 26 provincial family health promotion projects in Fujian.From the 2020 China Family Planning Association's "Notice on the Promotional Action of Family Health", it has decided to carry out the provincial pilot of family health promotion in 26 counties (cities, districts) since the development of family health promotion actions across the country.The actual situation in various places explores the standardized construction of family health service centers from the aspects of functional layout, personnel equipment, service content, and management system.

Today, various service positions in the province have begun to take shape, with 33 family health service centers, 112 health stations, and 79 eugenics and eugenics guidance centers. 660 "sunflowers" parent -child huts are built in communities and villages ...

Recently, our province has carried out the training of youth and health teachers in many places in Xiamen, Quanzhou, Ningde, Longyan and other places. Starting from youth and health education, it has promoted family health.In recent years, 1982 people in the province have youth and health teachers. They have carried out "growth ways of growth" and "communication" in 45 universities and 680 middle schools.The first line.

In addition to the government's actions, schools and enterprises are also doing their best to promote their health.Not long ago, a healthy activities exclusive to faculty and student and students were launched in Fuzhou Tenth Middle School. Considering that there were many female teachers, the school intimately invited 9 experts including breast surgery, rehabilitation, and gynecology to come to the free clinic, Answer health doubts for teachers and students.

In addition, our province has also carried out the "Healthy Knowledge Entering Ten Thousand Family" activities, and jointly promoted the health science popularization institutions, enterprises, communities, schools, and families.In the past three years, the province has held a total of 2831 online activities, with 24.73 million participants; 3,205 offline lectures, with 460,000 participants.

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