The news said: JAXA was hacked.

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Although the source of the attack has not yet been determined,时事热点 Nikkei believes that the sensitive information held by JAXA is the reason why it became the target of the attack, because the Japanese authorities recently set up a fund of 1 trillion yen (about S $9.023 billion) for JAXA to promote the development of Japan's space industry.

However, the Japanese Ministry of Education, which is in charge of this institution, said on Wednesday (November 29): "The network attacked by this attack is independent, so it is considered that highly confidential information about rockets and satellites is unlikely to be leaked."

Earlier, according to American media reports, Japanese hackers invaded Japan's secret defense network in the autumn of 2020, which not only alarmed the United States, but also affected the intelligence sharing between the United States and China.

Nikkei reported that hackers broke into Japan's central space platform this time, once again straining Japan's security nerves. In 2016 and 2017, 200 related companies of the Japanese Ministry of National Defense suffered large-scale cyber attacks. At that time, JAXA, which was used as a satellite monitoring technology, was also one of the targets. In 2021, the Japanese side also pointed out that China was the source of command in the hacking incident.

Japan's National Aerospace Research and Development Center was hacked this summer but didn't know anything about it until the recent police notice. The agency is an important agency for the Japanese Ministry of National Defense to monitor satellites and other security fields. This incident is accused of being a major loophole in Japan's satellite monitoring and defense.

NHK quoted relevant sources as saying that a central server called "Active Directory (AD)" in JAXA was hacked. This server stores more than 5000 pieces of personal information, including the personal information of executives, employees and temporary workers. The Japanese police judged that the first hacker broke into the system this summer (August), but the agency did not find it until it received a notice from the police in October.

Japanese Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matsuno said at a news conference: "The results of JAXA's internal investigation confirm that the management server of this institution is very likely to be accessed without authorization. JAXA immediately started the investigation and took measures such as blocking some networks related to unauthorized access.

JAXA admitted that the cyber attack was discovered through reports from external organizations. It is not excluded that there may be unauthorized access to the internal server and information may be leaked.

In August this year, The Washington Post quoted three former senior US officials as saying that the US National Security Agency found that China military hackers had gained "deep and lasting" access to Japan's secret defense network, and the information collected included plans, capabilities and defect assessments of the Japanese military.

Regarding the hacking of JAXA, Amari Akira, the former secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party, stressed at the party meeting: "It is a serious negligence that JAXA failed to discover the hacking at the first time. I hope that not only JAXA, but also all public institutions dealing with information should regard network security as the top priority. In addition, strengthening the joint monitoring of network security in the public and private sectors is also an urgent task. "

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