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In the "''" Sustainable Oither "workshop organized by the China Responsible Investment Summit Forum (IFCII) and co -organized by the China Heada Rural Development Promotion Center,Express information Zhang Zhengwei, Chairman of the International Sustainable Standard Course (ISSB) Chairman (ISSB) Chairman (ISSB)In the session of "Impact and Sustainable Information Disclosure", it shared the theme of "How should Chinese companies meet ISSB standards?".

Zhang Zhengwei suggested that at present, Chinese enterprises can adopt a one -step attitude of international sustainable guidelines to actively practice, and then innovate based on their respective situations.However, he also emphasized that in the process of responding to the corresponding guidelines, Chinese companies need to grasp the five trends, namely:Carbon accounting is the trend, global sustainability, climate must be advanced, international internationally, and the ending point is learning firstEssenceZhang Zhengwei said that what many companies think are different is that some studies have shown that the impact of information provided by financial statements can only account for 5%on investors' decision -making, and the remaining 95%are non -financial information, of whichMainly ESG and sustainable content."Sustainable attention is the risk and opportunities that affect corporate value. If the financial statement reflects the historical state and the result of the enterprise, then sustainable information is concerned about the future, and the future value of the enterprise."

What are the characteristics of aspects of sustainable aspects?Zhang Zhengwei replied that high -quality, highly compatible, highly reliable, and highly comparable requirements should be met.At the same time, he also explained the reason why it was formulated under iFRS Foundation because the international accounting standards were successfully achieved in 140 countries at that time."If you can use the same process, technical standards, and professional requirements as the accounting standards to make a set of sustainable criteria, thereby achieving high -quality and high compatibility, so that this standard can be used under different accounting systems.Compatible with the political system of different countries, different enterprises. "Only high -quality and highly compatible standards can be verified, and can provide the minimum requirements and maximum number of constraints for global sustainable information disclosure to reduce the "dark box" part of rating institutions' rating rules.

In his speech, Zhang Zhengwei also particularly emphasized the importance of "climate" and issues related to the full life cycle carbon accounting of the enterprises related to this."Climate issue is the issue that can condense global consensus the most now," he said."If our companies are still rolling costs and rolling user experiences when others start rolling low -carbon. Suddenly you will find that people will choose high quality, but low -carbon products."Taking aerospace oil as an example, 20%of recyclable biological diesel should be added to aviation oil, but it can only be added to 20%, because its combustion value is not as good as traditional aviation oil.It is also expensive, but why add?Why do you still need to be compulsive?Because it is low -carbon."Therefore, the future consumer behavior selection and the meaning of corporate competitiveness will have greatly changed. This is the urgency of Chinese companies to enter the countryside and take international rules."

In addition to the urgency of climate issues itself is closely related to everyone and each country, the successive introduction of relevant international standards has also booked the "countdown" that joined the sustainable plan.If Chinese enterprises invest in Africa, "African Central Bank President and Treasury Secretary have announced that it will use Africa as a guidelines for the first internationally sustainable accounting standards as a mainland.Code "Zhang Zhengwei introduced an example."The Asian ASEAN country has now established a sustainable innovation laboratory in Singapore."

The theme of the COP conference just ended is "unity, action, implementation".Emphasizing the more large -scale, developing enterprises and institutions, the greater the responsibility for changing climate problems."Why is you? Because you have to possess the market. Why is you? Because you have to maintain your advantages in the value chain, you should bear greater climatic information disclosure responsibilities and you should bear greater sustainable responsibility."

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