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The高速资讯 winter vacation is approaching. In order to thoroughly implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, further consolidate the effectiveness of off -school training and governance, strictly prevent invisible variations of discipline training, strengthen non -disciplinary training supervision, and help the majority of primary and secondary school students spend a peace, richness, enrichment, relaxed, relaxedHappy Holidays.Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to deploy the education administrative departments of various places to earnestly do a good job in the training and governance of school during the winter vacation. Among them, it is clear that it must be severely combated in the names of "housekeeping services", "crowdfunding and private education"Disguise illegal training.

The notice pointed out that at present, the three -year goals and tasks of the "double reduction" work deployed by the central government are currently being implemented. Although off -school training and governance work has achieved phased results, there are still various violations of laws and regulations such as unlicensed operations and operations.EssenceAll places to go--

Fully understand the significance of doing a good job in the training and management of off -campus training in winter vacation, give full play to the role of the special coordination mechanism of the "double reduction" work, and formulate a special plan for the training and governance of off -campus training, clarify the division of governance tasks, and ensure the stable work of all tasks.Order.

The notice requires that all places must be ——

Strengthen supervision and law enforcement, improve off -school training and law enforcement systems, strictly standardize justice and civilization to carry out law enforcement, make good use of the comprehensive governance system of grid, strictly investigate illegal training, and increase the exposure of violations of laws and regulations;

It is necessary to strictly prevent security risks, organize special inspections of safety, guide institutions to carry out safety self -examination and self -correction, strengthen daily safety management, normalize the monitoring of "explosive thunder" and "smoke", make good use of off -campus training social supervisors, carefully check and deal with each timeClass problems and clues;

It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of art examination training, focus on the situation of intensive accommodation training, focus on maintaining the order of enrollment examinations, and strictly investigate illegal activities such as subject training in art training institutions.

The notice emphasizes that all places must be ——

Promote comprehensive policies, ensure the implementation of the "dual reduction" policy, strengthen annual review work, and promote all institutions to be included in comprehensive platform management and service comprehensive platform management of out -of -school education training and service.Strengthen the supervision of pre -collection fees, guide the organization to comprehensively use contract demonstration texts, disclose information such as charging standards to the public, strictly prevent malicious price increases, guide parents to use the "Parents 'Parents' Parents" APP for courses and payment, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of parents and students.

Organize a variety of cultural and sports activities, encourage schools and communities to explore and carry out custody services, explore the "plus law" of scientific education, and create a good holiday atmosphere.

Let's look at the full text of "Notice" together-

The General Office of the Ministry of Education is about doing well

During the winter vacation in 2024

Notice of work

Education Department (Education Commission) of Education (Education) of various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

The winter vacation is approaching. In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of off -school training and governance, strictly prevent the invisible variation of discipline training, strengthen the supervision of non -disciplinary training, effectively reduce the burden of off -school training of primary and secondary school students, and allow the majority of primary and secondary school studentsholiday.The relevant work notice is as follows.

1. Improve political standing and make special deployment.At present, the three -year goals and tasks of the "double reduction" work deployed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council are being realized. Although the governance work in various places has achieved staged results, from the recent Mingqi visits, public reports, and media exposure of various places.There are various violations of laws and regulations such as unlicensed and unlicensed operations.Education administrative departments in various places must fully understand the significance of doing a good job in the training and governance of off -campus training in the winter vacation. Under the leadership of local party committees and governments, the three -year goal is anchored, fully grasped the "window period" of the winter vacation, and exerted the "double reduction" work specialty.The role of the coordination mechanism, together with local culture and tourism, sports, science and technology, market supervision, public security and other departments to formulate work plans for winter holiday training and governance work, make comprehensive system deployment, clarify governance tasks, refine measures, and compact the responsibilities of all parties.Ensure smoothly and orderly.

2. Strengthen supervision and enforcement, and strictly investigate illegal training.All localities should improve the law enforcement system of off -campus training, and strictly regulate the law enforcement of fair and civilized.Adopt the "Four Nobels" method, through the form of "daily check+night inspection" and "joint inspection+sampling inspection".Investigate the business buildings, residential communities and other key places such as business buildings, residential districts, etc., and strictly prevent strict investigation of discipline training hidden in hotels, cafes, residential buildings and other placesEssenceStrengthen the management of key institutions and personnel, and make good use of the comprehensive governance system of grid, Strictly crack down on disguise training in the name of "housekeeping services", "crowdfunding private teachings", "tourism research", "winter camp"EssenceProvincial education administrative departments shall jointly cooperate with industry and information, online information and other departments to carry out full -time inspections on online training subjects and key website platforms to prevent online illegal training and advertising.Increase the exposure and punishment of cases of violations of laws and regulations, so as to discover together, investigate and deal with, and report together to form a strong deterrent.

Third, carry out comprehensive investigation to prevent safety risks.All localities should put safety work in the primary position.Before the winter vacation, joint fire protection, rescue and other departments urged and guided training institutions to carry out at least 1 safety self -examination and self -correction before the winter vacation to formulate and improve emergency plans such as evacuation escape;Safety inspections such as fire prevention; at least one special safety inspection for training institutions, and institutions that exist in the existence of site, facilities, fire protection and other hidden dangers, immediately suspend business and rectification, and resolutely maintain the safety of students' lives.Normal development of "explosive thunder" and "smoke" monitoring, found that the risk signs notified the public security organs for the first time, and resolutely prevent problems such as "difficult refunds" and "rolling money and running the road".Strengthen the publicity and reporting methods, open up report channels, make good use of the team of social supervisors outside the school, carefully check various types of problem clues, and deal with feedback in time.

4. Focus on key categories and strengthen the supervision of art test training.The winter vacation is the period of concentrated accommodation art examination training period. All localities must strictly implement the "Notice of the four departments and other departments such as the Ministry of Education and other departments on the requirements of strengthening the management of art test training in deepening non -disciplinary training and governance"The situation of accommodation training, implement the requirements of institutional fire protection, security, venue and conditions, and timely grasp the training of students in the area in a timely manner to ensure the safety of training.Experts and judges of vocational faculty and examination propositions, scores (volumes) participating in art examination training, or illegal acts such as internal and external internal and external internal and external, interest transportation, interference examination enrollment order and other illegal acts;Class training and other illegal acts.

5. Promote comprehensive policies to ensure that the policy is implemented.All localities should set up standards for the establishment of the training institution to accelerate the investigation and rectification, and promote all the approval institutions to be included in the management of the comprehensive platform of off -school education training and services (hereinafter referred to as the national regulatory platform), and simultaneously realize the full coverage of the party organization of the training institution.To strengthen the annual review work, the institutions that have not been included in the national regulatory platform are ordered to be included in the limited time; institutions that refuse to be included and evaded supervision shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations.Guide the training institution to comprehensively use the "Elementary and Middle School Student School Training Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" (revised version of 2021) to disclose information such as training toll projects and charging standards to the society to prevent malicious price increases.Strengthen the supervision of pre -collection fees for training institutions, and strictly implement the upper limit requirements of the pre -charging fee of not more than 5,000 yuan. The pre -charging fee must be entered all of the special accounts of the institution, and the training institutions are encouraged to adopt the training service and then operate.Increase the promotion of the "Parenting Parents' Parents" APP applied, and guide parents to choose compliance institutions through a letter and parental meeting of parents to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

6. Do a good job of publicity and guidance to create a good holiday atmosphere.All localities should make full use of the winter vacation opportunities, and through small video and public welfare advertisements, such as the people who like to hear and enjoy, in the whole society, they widely publicize the scientific outlook on talent, talent view, and educational concept.Through a variety of methods such as propositions, consumption reminders, and home visits, parents can guide parents to treat off -campus training rationally without blindly follow the trend.Make full use of the traditional festival of the Spring Festival, organize a variety of physical exercise, social practice, and cultural inheritance activities to allow students to get close to their good nature, realize the warmth of affection, and inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture.Encourage schools and communities to explore and carry out custody services, and strive to solve the problems for some parents.Explore and do a good job in scientific education, actively and mobilize a group of science and technology museums, museums, research bases, science and technology enterprises, etc., carry out science and education activities for the majority of families, and provide a platform for strengthening parent -child interactive exchanges and elementary and middle school students to improve scientific literacy.

All provincial education administrative departments are requested to sort out the progress of off -campus training and governance during the local winter vacation, and timely report to the Ministry of Education and Training and Supervision of the Ministry of Education in a timely manner.The Ministry of Education will inform the regions where illegal training during the winter vacation and inadequate responsibilities will be reported in a timely manner, and the advanced areas and schools will be reported and promoted by the advanced areas and schools.

Department of Education

December 18, 2023

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