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  Zhongxin Jingwei, January 4th. According to the official website of the Ministry of Education, recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to deploy the education administrative departments of various places to earnestly do a good job in off -campus training and governance during the winter vacation.It is mentioned that it is severely cracking down on disguise training in the name of "housekeeping services", "crowdfunding private teachings", "tourism research", "winter camp".

  The notice pointed out that at present, the three -year goals and tasks of the "double reduction" work deployment of the central government are currently being realized. Although the training and governance of off -campus training and governance in various places has achieved phased results.However, there are still various violations of laws and regulations such as unlicensed and unlicensed operations.All localities must fully understand the significance of doing a good job in the training and governance of off -school training in the winter vacation, and give full play to the role of the special coordination mechanism of the "double reduction" work, and formulate a special plan for the training and governance of off -campus training, clear governance tasks, and detailed measures to ensure all items to ensure all items.The work is carried out smoothly and orderly.

  The notice requires that all localities should improve the system of off -school training and law enforcement, and strictly regulate the enforcement of law enforcement in fairness and civilization.Adopt the "Four Nobels" method, through the form of "daily check+night inspection" and "joint inspection+sampling inspection".Investigate the business buildings, residential communities and other key places such as illegal training, and strictly prevent discipline training in violation of regulations hidden in hotels, cafes, residential buildings and other places.Strengthen the management of key institutions and personnel, make good use of the comprehensive governance system of grid,Strictly crack down on disguise training in the name of "housekeeping services", "crowdfunding private teachings", "study -study research" and "winter camp".Provincial education administrative departments shall jointly cooperate with industry and information, online information and other departments to carry out full -time inspections on online training subjects and key website platforms to prevent online illegal training and advertising.Increase the exposure and punishment of cases of violations of laws and regulations, so as to discover together, investigate and deal with, and report together to form a strong deterrent.

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