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It was learned on January 3 that in order to continue to advance the construction of compliance culture,特快资讯 effectively reduce business operation risks, and protect employees' own safety, the ICBC Hebei Hengshui Wuyi Sub -branch organized all staff to learn typical cases and risk analysis, and further built a compliance and re -referenceThe bottom line, prevent operational risk.

The first is to enhance employees' awareness of compliance and cultural awareness.Through the morning and evening, the sub -Xihui learns negative case textbooks "Regulations on the Handling of Employees Violations" and "One Page of Personal Pages of the Outlets" and other content to guide employees to consciously abide by the rules and regulations in the industry, resist the erosion of various decaying thoughts, build employees' ideological defense lineAt the same time, strengthen the publicity of compliance culture, and regularly release compliance cultural dynamics through online news, beautiful articles, and create a style of compliance culture and education.

The second is to strengthen employee business skills learning.The bank urged employees, especially employees engaged in cabinet business to regularly review the high -risk business operation process, and carefully check each business operation process.At the same time, set up key positions among employees, establish talent reserve libraries, and new with old -fashioned, strengthen their own business level, and facilitate more accurate business risks.

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