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In order to give full play to the demonstration,real time news guidance and radiation role of famous teachers, class teachers, and principals, help the professional growth of the teacher team, and further improve the quality of education and teaching.Based on the performance of education and teaching, 15 "three" studio leaders including Wang Xinxing were determined, and the leader led the establishment of the "three" studios.In order to regulate the construction of various studios, the "three" studio listing activities have been carried out in the near future.On the morning of January 3, 2024, the unveiling ceremony of the famous teacher studio led by Chen Hong, the vice president of the Pearl Primary School of Hefei City, was held in Pearl Primary School in Hefei City.

Hao Wei, deputy director of the Teaching Research Office of the Economic Zone Education Development Center, Zheng Yong, the teaching and researcher of the Education Development Center Education Development Center of Hejing District, Zhou Fang, the principal of the Pearl Primary School of Hefei City, the deputy principal of the Pearl Primary School in Hefei CityThe host Chen Hong, and all members and students of the studio participated in the event.At the beginning of the event, Zhou Fang, the principal of the Pearl Primary School in Hefei, delivered a speech.On behalf of the school, President Zhou Fang expressed his sincere congratulations on the establishment of Chen Hong's studio. She inspired the studio members of the four keywords of "origin, reconstruction, consolidation, and improvement" to cherish learning opportunities, seize opportunities, and quickly grow.Later, Zheng Yong, the teaching and researcher of the Teaching and Development Center of the Economic Zone Education Development Center, read out the document of the "Elementary School Chinese Chen Hong Famous Teacher Studio" document.

In the warm applause of the audience, Hao Wei, Zheng Yong, Zhou Fang, and Chen Hong unveiled together, which also means that the studio officially launched.The plaque shone in the lights of the light, and it also light up the hot educational feelings and dreams in the hearts of every member and students.

"One flower is not spring alone, and the flowers are full of spring."The leader Chen Hong is based on the theme of "Joining and Building a Dream", from the five aspects of "one central exhibition vision, two goals grow together, the trinity to mention itself, four studies paths, and five conventional insistence".Reporting the three -year development plan of the room, Chen Hong showed the grand blueprint of the studio as the leader and designer.The Community "is the overall goal of the studio, and explains in detail. I look forward to looking up at the starry sky, down -to -earth, maintaining love, and moving towards the light.

The representatives of Chen Hong's Studios Studio and the representatives of the students spoke separately.In order to make the members of the studio understand themselves more clearly and profoundly, and to formulate a development plan that suits them, the host Chen Hong led everyone to do a personal SWOT analysis on the spot. From the four aspects of advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, threats, threateningSelf -analysis, each member has benefited a lot.

In the end, Director Hao Wei concluded his speech. He encouraged the studio members to be based on the reality of teaching, focusing on real issues, reality, and in -depth theoretical research and practical innovation.The harmonious and advanced professional teacher team will give full play to the role of the studio's leadership, demonstration, and radiation, and contribute to the development of the educational undertakings in the Economic Zone.

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