Taiwanese children's education experts "cross the sea" for love: Light on the light of the special children's hope on the road of dreaming

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Author: Bubble DE Light

When John Mueller was 3 years old, he began to read Greek. When he was 8 years old, he learned Latin, algebra, and geometry. At the age of 9, he read important works of Greek historians.At the end of the youth stage, he already has a widespread knowledge than college graduates.

Mueller's father, James, was influenced by the heart of the soul.And Mueller was the white paper of James, so Mueller was educated strictly by his father since he was a child.

Although Mueller's achievements cannot be underestimated, they are famous British philosophers, psychologists and economists. The 19th century has great influenceClassical liberalismThinker, but he had a mental crisis at the age of 20.

In his past life, there were no friends, no games, only books and father.

I talk about this example, not to say that you should not educate in advance, but do not educate too much.

During the growth of young children, there are key periods, such as painting, music, chess, intelligence, sports, etc. These were called special classes before.

However, the content and teaching methods of some interest classes may cover the content of some school education. For example, some tuition classes in mathematics or English may teach higher knowledge than the same grade, which is early education.

Other courses focusing on training students' interests and skills, such as music, art, sports, etc., are not educating in advance.

The three or four -year -old baby, in the interest class, is actually a way of playing, not an educational method in school.

When I was about three or four years old, I went to study painting. I had a good time in each lesson. Those paintings were relatively simple, suitable for his age.

Therefore, it depends on what advanced education is.

Parents' educational philosophy should be combined with their children's physical and mental development.

If children are talented and passionate about learning, they can always learn happily in the process of receiving education.

But pay attention to the arrangement of time. Do n’t just let the children learn like Mueller ’s father, but do n’t have time to play for children.

If the child feels difficult and stressful when receiving early education, then early education should not be the least.

Whenever I look at those children who are good at receiving education in advance, I will be excited, and I always want my children to be so good.

But I always want children to be more happy in childhood, so we all discuss with children in advance what class we report to the children.

Moreover, you will also refer to what kind of class to report in the child's personality and interest.

In the final analysis, the child is to learn, so consider this from the child itself.

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