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By 2025, Hunan plans to create a pilot school of 45 national first aid education; by 2030, Hunan plans to train more than 100,000 college students to become Red Cross.

In order to further improve the emergency and rescue capabilities of campus, help students master basic knowledge such as emergency rescue, disaster prevention and avoidance, and self -rescue and mutual rescue skills, promote the construction of safe campus and healthy campuses, and help health in Hunan. On January 2, the Hunan Red Cross AssociationThe Implementation Plan for the "Implementation Plan for the" Salt Campus Guardiac "of Hunan Province" Hunan Province "(hereinafter referred to as the" Plan ") was jointly issued.

The "Plan" proposes that by 2025, the creation of 45 national emergency education pilot schools and 1-2 provincial school emergency rescue training bases, establish a school red cross emergency rescue teacher team, and train more than 1,000 school Red Cross emergency rescue teachers.Training more than 30,000 college students became Red Cross.By 2030, the proportion of teachers and students who receive emergency rescue training in primary and secondary schools in principle is not less than 1:50 in principle. Training more than 100,000 college students will become red Cross Agents, and more than 50%of students in college medical majors will become Red Cross.member.

The "Plan" clearly states that the main task of the action is to focus on the key content to strengthen the emergency knowledge and skills education of students in all ages in all sections. Regularly carry out emergency rescue training with Red Cross organizations at all levels, further strengthen emergency education publicity and hardware construction, strengthen the construction of hardware, strengthenThe construction of the school Red Cross Organization has actively carried out voluntary service activities such as emergency rescue and humanitarian communication.

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