2023 geopolitics in the Middle East slowly slow

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The context of the geopolitical development of the Middle East in 2023 can be summarized by the words "slowly and tightening".In March, under mediation in China, Saudi Arabia and Iran signed and issued a joint statement in Beijing in Beijing to announce the consent of Shatai's consent to restore diplomatic relations, thereby opening the political process of reconciliation in the Middle East.But by early October, Hamas raid Israel, and then Israel has launched a violent attack on the Hamas and Gaza Strip.The huge casualties, severe humanitarian crises, and the spillover of conflicts have led to the tense and turbulent situation in the Middle East.

First look at Saudi Arabia and Iran.This move started the prelude to the political process of reconciliation and ease in the Middle East, and also broke the idea of building the so -called "Middle East version of NATO" in the United States during the Trump administration.In February this year, when the Russian -Ukraine conflict lasted for a whole year but it was still unsolved, China took the substantial pace of peaceful resolution of regional contradictions, and promoted Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic relations with the "enemy" in the Middle East.

This major and good news has a huge shock to the international community, which also shows that no matter how complicated and difficult contradictions and oppositions, only equal dialogue can find a solution.It also explains that the fate of the Middle East can only be in the hands of the Middle Eastern people.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have directly promoted the ease of the situation of the Yemen Civil War, which played an important role in the stability of the Bay and the entire Middle East.Therefore, not only Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, and the UAE have welcomed Esha's recovery.

The Secretary -General of the United Nations Gutres also issued a statement thanks to China for promoting the Disa dialogue, saying that the two countries are harmonious and friendly to help promote the stability of the bay area.Some Saudi media commented that although the reach of the agreement should not be regarded as a comprehensive turn to China in the Middle East, many people in Washington are not willing or unacceptable to regional participants in adapting to the new world multi -polarization system.

Of course, although the international community generally praises Shay's reconciliation, there are also countries that are not unhappy about the improvement of the "enemy" Iranian diplomatic environment.Former Israeli Prime Minister Bernett posted on social media that Saudi Arabia signed a relevant agreement with Iran, indicating that the efforts made by Israel in the establishment of the "anti -Tehran Alliance" failed.Event development.

Some Israeli scholars believe that the agreement may actually boost Iran's self -confidence, resulting in Iran's position in the region, improving relations with China, increasing restrictions on Israeli military choices, and may weaken the Iranian return to the Iran nuclear agreement.The motivation.In fact, negative emotions from Israeli, to some extent, also shows why it is alone to achieve its strategic goals in order to achieve its own strategic goals.

Secondly, Israel and Hamas have a new round of conflict, and its outbreak has re -became the core issue in the Middle East.On October 7, Hamas launched a large -scale raid on the launch of Israel's "Aksa flood". Subsequently, Israel launched a violent attack and retaliation strike on Hamas and Gaza Strip.This conflict changed the focus of attention in the Middle East and even the world. The Ukrainian crisis faded out of people's vision to some extent.Spread.

Israeli and Saudi Arabia, which were about to get a breakthrough, were negotiated normally (the Bayeng government hopes to use this to "add points" for the 2024 presidential election), and also shelves because of the outbreak of the conflict.

Focusing on how to resolve this conflict, the international community has a different standing team that has been with Tingba.Many people believe that the two countries' solutions are the best way to solve this problem. Without solving the Palestinian foundation, they cannot fundamentally protect Israel's security, and it is difficult to achieve the normalization of Israeli relations with Arab countries.

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