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China Net News facing the morning light,Emergencies on the sun, the students of Leshan City Baiyang Primary School, full of vitality, are ready to go.Under the leadership of the school teacher, go to the farming research base together to start a unforgettable journey of farming experience.On the road of study, I was excited and full of expectations.

Life is a kind of education, food is a kind of life.Bai Yangwa's fingers were like a butterflies that shuttled in a flower. After a while, round dumplings and dumplings were like a little fat man who was eating supporting, lying comfortably in the "cradle".The dumplings and dumplings were finally steamed, and they came out of the pot. Some Bai Yangwa couldn't wait to pinch the dumplings and dumplings into their mouths, but they stumped their tongue, making everyone laugh.Some gently bite the skin and bite a large mouthful of stuffing. The delicious filling juice instantly moisturized their taste buds and stimulated their nerves. It was so delicious.

Now that you have come to the farm, of course, you have to wave your hoe and do it.On the muddy land, the classmates planted vegetables hard. They dug out small pits with iron stains covered with soil, passed the seedlings in a way, inserted green seedlings into the soil, sprinkled under the sun, and the Baiyangwa used small to use small useBarrels are connected to water, one barrel, two barrels, three barrels ... They walked on the road with joy, returned to the field, and carefully irrigated the seedlings.Children are not just vegetables, but also the longing for a better life in the future.

Immediately after coming to the large lawn, he opened the "sweet potato" battle.I saw one classmate tied up, and the other classmate jumped on his back like a kangaroo.The classmates on the back were eyes and directed the way forward.Some went the wrong direction and fell a little anxiously.When I came to the sweet potato pile, I fully released the ingenuity of the Bai Yangwa.Some of them are put into the pants pocket, and each bag is packed in the drums; some use clothes as pockets, and some of the players next to them are instructing, some are adjusting their strategies, someCome on ...

"This extraordinary study journey is the collision of knowledge and practice, and the integration of wisdom and nature. In the encounter with research, children can understand the hardships of a better life and feel the power of teamwork." The eventThe relevant person in charge said that in the future study life, Bai Yang students will continue to work hard, move forward, and be a better self.(Yuan Xumei)

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