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  CCTV News: According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the four departments of the Ministry of Education and other departments issued a notice on further standardizing the post -service work of compulsory education.Since the implementation of the "double reduction" work, all localities have continuously improved the level of school after school service, meet the diverse needs of students, and strengthened the role of school education.Occain behavior has aroused social attention.In order to further standardize the post -service work of compulsory education and improve the service level and quality of the class, the relevant requirements are notified as follows.

  First, it is strictly forbidden to expand the scope at will.After school service after school, after class days and the completion of the national regulations and school teaching plans, the end time should be connected with the local normal time.The school provided by the school for early school care and self -study, lunch lunch, lunch, lunch, and evening self -study shall not be included in the scope of after -class service.

  2. Forced students to participate.After -school services must strictly follow the principles of students' voluntary participation, and schools and teachers must not force students to participate.The school's post -school service shall fully solicit parents' opinions, consult the needs of students, and actively inform parents of the service methods, service content, security measures, etc., and voluntarily register for students and parents.

  Third, it is strictly forbidden to increase students' schoolwork burden.It is necessary to play the function of serving people after -school service, and to open a variety of virtue, sports, aesthetic education, labor, reading, science, interest groups and community activities due to local conditions, and appropriately increase the time of students to participate in physical exercise.Students required to provide counseling answering and learning expansion guidance to promote the comprehensive development of students.Do not use the after -school service time to organize students to prepare for exams, teach new lessons or collective supplementary classes.Individual "double reduction" pilot areas that carry out after -class services on weekends can only allow interest -class service activities.

  4. It is strictly forbidden to charge charges in the name of after -school service.Do not unauthorized charging items and expand the scope of charges in the name of after -school service, and must not violate the wishes of students 'parents' wishes to force charges or bundle fees, and shall not charge after -class service fees through parent committees and third -party institutions.You must not be included in the school management and self -study, lunch lunch, lunch lunch, and evening self -study.Local and schools shall reduce the cost of exemption from students in the family's economic difficulties in accordance with the regulations of the region.The school should strictly implement the toll publicity system, disclose relevant information such as post -class service charging standards, service time, and curriculum content, and take the initiative to accept students, parents and social supervision.

  5. It is strictly forbidden for institutions and personnel who do not meet the conditions to provide post -school services.School -school service cannot meet the needs of some students' development interest. Those who need to introduce corresponding qualifications and qualified third -party institutions to participate in non -disciplinary after -class services must strictly standardize management.All localities shall establish a third -party organization to enter the campus selection and review mechanism, form a list of institutions, service items and introduction cost standards, strengthen daily supervision and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism.The introduction of expenses must be determined through competitive methods such as bidding, and it is significantly lower than the charging standards for homogeneous training services outside the school to provide homogeneous training services outside the school.It is strictly forbidden to enter the school to provide post -school service after the school's qualification review mechanism for introducing personnel who does not meet the prescribed conditions.

  In accordance with the requirements of this notice, all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) shall conduct comprehensive investigations on the implementation of the post -school service in the region, adjust and improve relevant policies and measures, and will be officially implemented since the spring semester of 2024.It is necessary to strengthen the guarantee of after -school service funding, and adopt financial subsidies, service charges or paids to ensure that funds are raised in place.It is necessary to comprehensively regulate the service charging and paid projects of the compulsory education stage, including service charges and the list of consignment toll projects, including after -school service charges, shall be re -enforced after being approved by the provincial people's government.It is necessary to set up after -school service supervision reporting telephone or mailboxes, timely check the after -school service issues reflected by the masses, and resolutely correct illegal behavior.

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