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Thebreaking news US midterm election is imminent, but the current president Biden is "unsteady" for whether he participated in the election in 2024.According to a Broadcasting Corporation of the United States (CBS) on September 18, Biden said in an interview with the "60 Minutes" program in the station that re -election is his "intention", "but this is just a intention."

U.S. President Biden, data map

In response to CBS reporter Pelli, Bayeng said that according to the election law, it is still too early to make a decision, "I respect my destiny."Perry asked: "Do you think this decision is still too early, shouldn't this decision be made in your mind?" In this regard, Biden admitted, "I plan to run again at the beginning, but this is just a oneintention".This statement is obviously different from the previous -after the president of the office in March 2021, Biden answered affirmatively at a press conference, "My plan is a re -election."

Biden said he hopes to maintain the Democratic Party's control over the House of Representatives and the Senate in the mid -term elections in November this year, and the current support rate for him is less than half.Biden said, "This is a very difficult period, we are at a turning point in American history."Biden admits that the psychological impact of the new crown epidemic on Americans is far -reaching.Reuters said that the mid -term election in November this year was a huge test for Biden and the Democratic Party that led.(Global Times)

Can he decide if he is running for the election?

To be honest, Biden really did not have the right to decide.

Starting from the interests of the Democratic Party, he has no right to decide.

Starting from personal health, he has no right to decide.

From his performance since he served as president, he didn't seem to say anything.

For the people who eat melon, Bayeng came to power. It is not fun, Trump is a good melon!

Choose, of course you have to choose!All "progressive" earth people are expected to sleep!

20220919 Ingol's perspective "Destroy the World" sleeping king.Essence(Sleep King Revelation)

Why is the background red?

The performance of sleeping king recently is really amazing!Will it be the precursor of the enlightenment to destroy the earth.Essence(I scolded the sleeping king again, and the family members and the White House were looking up and the White House were used to find it.)

Received or retired, I have been tangled recently!The White House made mistakes as soon as the sleeping king was confused.Essence

Must be re -elected!
Foster really loves to die Hades.EssenceSleeping King must be re -elected, partner me!
I will be a partner for sleeping king!
If I want to be re -elected, I will do my best to help it come.Essencepartner?Maybe.Essence
Dr. Dr. Gill: I haven't discussed this issue yet, but this is an unavoidable problem. We will have a family discussion. Our family is very democratic!

Will there be a family discussion?Wait, everyone has forgotten to notify Lao Qiao.Essence(Come and secret the ethics of the sleeping king family ethics chaos)

I haven't paid attention to the re -election, wait.Essence

Old Joe!Let me tell you the results of waiting for?You have to wait for the end of the red tide in November.Essence(Really? Not sure.) You just wait to watch the situation where the two houses of the Congress are being hated by your hate!

Sleeping king scene: Three consecutive falls.Essence

For an elderly person who is so weak that even the escalator will slip:

Sleeping king in Detroit and Governor Gray Vedmo in Detroit and Michigan Gradi-Videmo caused controversy.Essence

For the elderly who relying on women's votes but showing strange behaviors everywhere:

Sleeping king is difficult to get off at Windsor Castle.EssenceNeed to support it.Essence

For an elderly person who depends on Dr. Gill and the older people and physical support from Dr. Gilk and the White House:

Sleeping King, Lao Qiao, you have worked hard.EssenceBehind you, you can fully support the globalists and the "Earth" who are standing!

It's time to let the United States return to the hands of Americans and return to the first track of the United States!

Guardian: Diplomacy of Sleeping King is rude, and he is late at the queen's funeral!

Even our dear relatives can't stand it anymore. The diplomatic master who is known as the "adult" sleeping king is inexplicably late on the funeral of the British Queen. The reason is unknown?But we all know that the body of Sleeping King cannot support it at all.EssenceIt's too old!too weak!It's close to the complete elderly dementia.Essence(Today the firepower is full!)

Foster, you are also the mainstream media!

Of course, the current media of the United States will continue to shoot the sleeping king. Although the sleeping king speaks upside down, it is impossible to help the United States survive in the current crisis of world -class gunpowder barrels.Come.EssenceIs the diplomacy of the sleeping king of "destroying the world" ending?(Try it.

CBS60 minutes: Sleeping King is the oldest and most experienced and majestic politician in the world. It has just passed the best summer since president; it has almost everything for campaign commitments!The heritage of Sleeping King has benefited the United States in the future.Essence(Good lick!)
Do you send troops?Of course!Er Mao, you dare not, this dare?
look into my eyes!Schokut!yes.Essence
It's okay, I just played it!

wow, the black sleep king came out again!Everyone applauds!but.Essence

The White House came out again.Essence

If I remember correctly, this is the fourth year of Alzheimer's on the same question.EssenceThanks, it is not a big hair, and the war will not break out.EssenceThey are rational and cold nations. The only thing I appreciates them is here.Lao Qiao is not an opponent at all, and it has been switched by the group.EssenceMaybe because they make a lot of money?

Okay, although there are mainstream media guards, the governance ability of the sleeping king will eventually be tested in the mid -term election!Let's take a look at these reports!

Wall Street Journal: Ordinary people in the United States can't afford to eat!(Translation, no bar)
Single mother cried, although she was part -time, she could not afford the life of a family.EssenceI really don't know how to survive.Essence
The retired grandmother was forced to accept its son and grandson because they were all unemployed.EssenceI am worried that I can't meet their basic life needs. Fortunately, my grandson is only 2 years old.Essence(Wrong, infants and young children are more expensive)
Under the governance of sleeping king who protects women's rights and interests: The hostess of the Hachiko House can no longer afford the monthly purchase, because the price of high food!The monthly purchase has exceeded their mortgage of 1500 knives.Essence

This is the United States of Sleeping King!But sleeping king doesn't care!Although some of our peers can't stand it anymore, they have begun to question the regime of sleeping king and be brave!

NBC consumers and business channels: Sleeping king will only throw a pot for the epidemic!Sleep King (don't know): Believe in us, we are walking on the right path!
Giant Hard NBC face: Half of the American people think that the policy of sleeping king is a negative role!

We believe that the American people are not so deceiving, and of course they will not see the reality of the United States who destroy the United States under the guidance of globalists!

Of course, the mainstream media will still try to help the sleeping king pass!After all, the Democratic Party is their biggest gold master!

The red tide retreated, the Democratic Party stood up!
What red tide, there is only a blue tide in the middle!Believe me!
The Sleeping King will announce the re -election after the red tide successfully repelled the red tide in the middle period
Ikhio (a current political streaming media in the United States): The real dilemma of the Democratic Party's mid -term collar

CNN and MSNBC will continue to announce that the Democratic Party will be better as ever, but the hardcore Democratic party streaming media Ikhio accidentally tells the truth: the Republican Party will of course take it back to the House of Representatives steadily; and they only need to be in the SenateOne more seat can make the sleeping king a 2 -year lame duck.Essence

The truth is always accompanied by pain, isn't it?The fact is that even the dark and dark forces, the largest anti -U.S. priority movement within the Republican Party, have begun to turn!It finally understood that the king and the king party was the biggest help of this mid -term election rather than obstructive. Their priority movement of the United States is closely related to the Americans' pockets and the Republican Party's re -control of Congress.Essence(Yeah?)

The tortoise recruited funds for the king!
New York Times polls: The American people trust the Republican Party more in economic issues; of course, Foss releases this alone is also a ball. At the same time in New Year, there must be a lot of other polls.Essence

Public order, crimes, illegal immigrants, security lines, economy, especially the great economic recovery and prosperity of the economy, is that Republicans must continue to emphasize and emphasize in the next 51 days!

The American people need a major change, and a strong local American party to guide them to guide them!U.S. priority will be the optimal solution!It has proven in the past 4 years. In the next few years, we must also let the American people understand that the Democratic Party, which has chosen radicals by the radical globalists, handed over the fate of the United States to the "outsiders" hand.inside!The future of the United States can only be determined by the American people!

Sleeping King's "Extinction" policy has not been implemented in the United States!


I don't understand why everyone is talking about the failure of Carter's re -election, as if the ancient battlefield of the White House is destined to be fierce.

Two years ago, I embarked on the journey from Pennsylvania and started the third campaign. The American whale was unified.Wherever the party and the army go, the people are welcomed by the people sincerely. It is really true that the realm of vitality and all things competes is still in front of them.

Just two years later, is this a place where I have changed to my defeat?

The 60 -minute Colombia this time is too powerful. As of now, Biden has burst three thunder in just 60 minutes.

The first Thunder was that Biden announced again in the interview that the United States would armed to defend Taiwan.Then the White House came out to wipe my ass everyday to deny.

The second thunder was that Biden announced in the interview that the US epidemic was over (although 400 people died every day, and immediately a large and semi -mandatory fourth dose of vaccine were immediately forced).Then he was scolded by the American medical community.

The third is that this issue has not been decided to run.

The first two Lei is not, and the third one does not have to believe it.

Biden's next choice is not a secondary issue. The main question is whether the Democratic Party can still launch the second echelon young people. Otherwise, what should I do if Biden, Hillary and Perossi, the three horse -ridden bodies?Who will come in the early age?

Understanding the king party is understanding the king, the little understanding of the king De Santis (78 years), the little understanding of the second child of the king's family (84 years), the inheritance of the young and old (06) of the little little understanding, and IvankaSuch an alternative.

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