Ministry of Commerce: It is recognized that Taiwan's trade restrictions on mainland trade constitute a broadcast of trade barriers

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Enterprise talents are difficult to bred,惊爆资讯 it is difficult to park around the road, the electric vehicles in the community are difficult to charge, and the residents' water watch is difficult to leave. Since the development of the second batch of theme education, Yaohai District, Hefei City, has a problem -oriented and helping enterprises and the masses., Convert the "problem list" into a "effective list", "increase color increase" for theme education.

Party class preaching "solution"

"How to carry out two -way training of party members and technical talents?" "How to cultivate party building brands to lead development?" "How to play the role of party members in technical research?"

A few days ago, in the party members' activity room of Yincun Wuxian Co., Ltd. in Anhui, party members are conducting warm discussions around related topics.It is reported that the Yinchen Art Federation was established in 2011 and established a party branch in May 2017. In 2019, it was evaluated by the "Double Strong Six Good" non -public enterprise party organization in Yaohai District.As a service provider of China UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat payment terminal machinery and solutions, the company's customer size has reached more than 30,000, and it is urgent to give play to the advantages of party building and open a new situation.

During the theme education, Yaohai District used the form of a good use of party lessons, and organized 227 party building instructors to carry out the "Talking about Party Delivery theory and answering development" activities for non -public enterprises and social organizations in the region.Inspired ideas and guidance work, to accumulate greater driving forces and degradation for the accumulation of economic and social development.

On -site office "solution difficult"

"It's really good, the water meter has finally left home ..." Recently, the problem of water meter from the residents of the Huadu City Garden Community was solved.In the party and mass council, residents have praised them.

It is understood that there are 19 years of age in Huadu City Garden Community, with a total of 1,098 residents.Due to the failure to leave the house during construction, the pipeline leakage causes poor costs between the total table and the user tables, and disputes of water charges often occur.

In the face of the "boss difficulties" of such people's voices, Yaohai District takes the opportunity of theme education as an opportunity to deepen the construction of the platform of the party and mass council on Thursday, promote the concentration of party members and cadres, and convene "two representatives and one member member"" Red steward ", property company, industry committee, social organization, Lou Dong's long -term force, etc., on -site office, group strategies, and solving problems.At the same time, Yaohai District has established a "five orders" coordinated work system for the "theoretical learning results, promoting high -quality development list, listing for private practical work, reviewing the list of rectification of problems, and establishing a chapter and establishing a formulation.In the beginning of the letter. "

Warm heart -warming action "solution needs"

The sunny weather in the daytime, let Aunt Liu Linghui, who lives in the Yuanyuan Garden Community, is particularly "busy".Every morning and evening, she pulled her wife or neighbors to the small square near the community to exercise.

Recently, the small square has been upgraded to the smart fitness station, and 15 new fitness equipment has been added."Many fitness equipment has not been seen before, very smart. Now as long as it does not rain, I will come here for half an hour." Aunt Liu said with a smile.

According to statistics, since the theme education was launched, Yaohai District built 16 new fitness gardens, added 631 parking spaces, comprehensively rectified 9 old communities, and repaired and updated 14 relocated resettlement communities ...Educating "people's livelihood background" continues to bright.

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