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Text/Jiupai News Special commentator Wuruchuan

On January 2nd, the official website of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced that eight college students planned to transfer information across the province, which attracted attention.Among them, one person transferred and 7 people were transferred out, involving Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Construction University, and Capital University of Economics and Trade.The reason why this matter is controversial is the key word "Tsinghua".

This is just an individual incident, and it is not a kind of atmosphere in the field of education.From the perspective of human nature, you might as well look at it, and you must worry about it.

Transfer across provinces does not start today.On July 10, 2023, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued an announcement confirming that 9 college students transferred across provinces. Among them, a student at Peking University's international political majors transferred to Wuhan University Diplomacy, and students from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Automation transfer to school toSouthwest University is a major in statistics, and several students are transferred from some well -known colleges in Beijing to some colleges and universities in other provinces.In this information, "Peking University" is also bright. If it is not because of the receiver Wu Da is very powerful, it will face greater criticism.

In July last year, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission responded to the media that students should generally complete their studies at the admission school and do not encourage cross -provincial transfer.However, the scientific students of this college can apply for transfer because of special difficulties and special needs for illness.From this statement, it is reflected that the application of across provinces is concerned.As the experts say, the Ministry of Education has clearly stipulated the transfer of universities across provinces, and can only "flow towards the low place" and cannot "go to the high place".As a result: In the face of the discovery of the twists and turns of life, it paid a real price for "reverse".In this case, they still insist on their own choices, continue to travel in their academics, and should be taken fairly.

In cross -provincial transfer incidents, transfer majors to "face -to -face" -s, such as transferring from financial majors to clinical medicine, it is indeed not small.Theoretically, a professional learning to the end is more conducive to the cultivation and growth of talents.After all, you need to pay greater time and energy cost, and the cost of social costs is also higher.This is also the inherent reasons for colleges and universities to strictly control the transfer of majors.

From the perspective of the student, if the verification of time, confirm that the major you have learned are not your favorite at present -the college entrance examination admission link, in order to enter the school you want, it is not surprising that the situation in violation of a certain profession is not surprising -turn aroundProfessional is also a stop loss or adjustment.The ideal state is of course, from high school selection of liberal arts sciences step by step, so as to form a beautiful trajectory of life, but things and wish violations are the tests that ordinary people need to withstand.In any case, the transfer and transfer of law based on legal and rules are far from exaggeration and extraordinary.

In reality, what you have learned and do not have employment across professionalism, this situation is even more common.Since this phenomenon is regarded by more people, why should we put on the "color glasses" to blame the students in the step of "crossing" the "cross" of the interest relationship?Since the free migration of people is respected as a values, what are the reasons for the "free migration" that students have implemented by layers of approval?

This is an era that advocates diversified values. Tolerance and different choices of life should be understood, it should be understood for self -regulation for dreams and hardships.

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