Qianshan County was selected as the first batch of national county commercial "leading county"

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Zhumadian News (Reporter Zhang Yao Camel)A few days ago,hot topic the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of the first batch of "leading counties" nationwide.Among them, Zhumadian is famous on the list of Qingshan County, becoming one of the 12 counties (cities, districts) in our province, and the only county in our city.

As a link to connect urban and rural relations, strengthening the construction of the county business system is an important part of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.In recent years, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has conscientiously implemented the deployment of the national, provincial, and municipalities on the construction of the county business system construction, with county commercial construction actions as the starting point, focusing on project construction, improve the county's commercial infrastructure, improve the rural logistics distribution system, Unblock industrial products to go to the countryside, agricultural products enter the two -way channel, create new consumption and new formats such as live economy, social e -commerce and other new business formats, and strive to build a county business system with "urban and rural areas, diversification of the main body, reasonable format, and complete outlets".Since 2022, the city's construction of the "demonstration county" was established in Yingshan County, Xiping County, and Shangcai County, which is determined by the city of Henan Province.

The first batch of national “leaders” in the country ’s county is evaluated, mainly in the improvement of business outlets, logistics distribution services, corporate transformation and upgrading, agricultural products uplink, rural e -commerce, and help rural rejuvenation.The Ministry of Commerce's "Case Collection of the" Leading County "of the Ministry of Commerce" was released and released publicly.

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