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Award -winning teacher.

Red Net Moment News, January 4th News(Correspondent Liu Xi Wang Xiyin reporter Yang Bin) The basic education of Hunan has achieved fruitful results.A few days ago, Qixian Middle School in Luzhou, Hunan Province awarded seven teachers who have achieved outstanding results in the field of basic teaching.The seven winners interpreted the lofty spirit of "watch as a teacher" with their actual actions.Not only did they achieve excellent results in teaching, they also made outstanding contributions in moral education.

Kuang Mingyang, the secretary of the Party Branch of Suxian Middle School, reviewed the achievements of Suxian Middle School in 2023 in his speech. The school has achieved remarkable results in terms of student middle school entrance examination, characteristic education, and teacher team building.

In recent years, Hunan has strengthened the implementation of basic education and encouraged all middle schools in the province to actively participate in inter -school teaching exchanges and learning.Suxian Middle School organized a ninth -grade teacher to study in Shenzhen Prince Bay Middle School, organized key teachers to study in Changsha, and invited various disciplines and research staff of the Chenzhou Academy of Education to carry out visual guidance."Onion Mathematics" was conducted for all mathematics teachers.Regular summer vacation training every year, hold a class teacher experience exchange meeting.

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