National Taiwan Affairs Office: I hope that the majority of Taiwan compatriots recognize the extreme danger of "Taiwan independence" for the correct selection of broadcast articles

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With the end of the New Year's Day holiday, this semester has also reached the end. In order to further improve the students' legal system and safety awareness, and help them paint a safe and pleasant "end" for this semester. On January 3, the Hongya County Public Security Bureau YuPing Police Station went to the middle school of the area to carry out safety legal education activities.Let the "Legal Education Course" a "last lesson" before the final exam of the children.

During the event, the police combined their years of public security work experience to analyze the reasons for inducing the crime of young people, and focusing on how to prevent the occurrence of campus violence, how to prevent network obsession, how to avoid campus telecommunications fraud, etc., Communicate with students face to face.When it comes to the topic of campus violence, it is also specially combined with some classic cases that have been handled, and explained to teachers and students in a targeted manner, and won applause from teachers and students.

Combined with the reality of telecommunications fraud in the jurisdiction, the police introduced the means, characteristics, forms, hazards and precautions of common telecommunications network fraud in vivid and humorous language, and warned everyone to realize that renting, selling "two cards", helping the information network help the information networkThe consequences of crime remind the majority of teachers and students to raise awareness of anti -fraud, always be vigilant, and beware of being deceived.

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