Draw the struggle for the mirror as a model

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A few days ago, the cold wave, the temperature dropped sharply.The "Example 8" special programs jointly recorded by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Central Radio and Television Platform broadcast 6 outstanding Communist Qian Qihu, Liu Lingzheng, Tang Juxing, Wu Huifang, Li Guike, and Vanzi Shawu on CCTVThe advanced deeds of the party committee of Hengkantou Village, Liangbun Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, profoundly interpreted the noble quality and spiritual style of Communist Party members' firm belief, practicing purpose, hard work, and integrity.These commendable advanced individuals and advanced grass -roots party organizations, they used practical actions to interpret the excellent quality of the Communists and practice the fundamental purpose of "serving the people wholeheartedly".As a majority of grass -roots party members and cadres, we should use examples as mirrors, pursue ordinary light, learn from the struggle, and take every step of life with actual actions. 

"It is determined that the green mountains are not relaxed, and the roots are in the broken rock."At the moment, we get rid of the shortage of supplies, and our lives generally become rich.However, what is continuously deviated from material wealth, some people's spiritual life is getting more and more barren.In society, we often feel that the distance between people is getting farther and farther, and trust becomes more and more difficult.Whether it is Qian Qihu, who struggled in the first line of defense scientific research in the first sixty years, or the party committee of Hengkou Village, Liangkou Town, Yuyao City, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, or Tang Juxing, who was 38 years old, he resolutely left "The comfort circle "rushed to the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau to continue writing the original mission of" geological reporting to the country ".In them, we can see the flames of struggle that burned all over the motherland and continuously inherited.These flames shone from the stars, began to gather, became matches, formed a torch, and became a torch, and finally became a fiery sea covering 9.6 million square kilometers.These flames are burned on the older generation of revolutionary pioneers, burning in the century -old spiritual history and spiritual history, and now it is even more burned on the main battlefield of rural revitalization.As a grass -roots cadre in the front line of rural rejuvenation, we must ignite the "fire" in our hearts with the "light" of the role model, and devote themselves to the main battlefield of rural revitalization and heat.

"I have to come to the paper on the paper, and I know that this matter should be done."Great spirit comes from great practice.Whether it is Wu Huifang, the party secretary of Yonglian Village, Nanfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, or take root in rural areas for 18 years, and lead the people to lead the people to live "the day of envious people in the city";Li Guike, Honorary Director of the Center, used 40 years to treat patients with leprosy patients, cure, and poverty, and wrote a heart of great love.In them, we can see that in the face of the complex situation and contradictions, we do not stop or give up before the arduous task, and always condense the strength to move forward., Steady the pace of ride the wind and waves.As a grass -roots party member and cadre, in the front line of practice, we must learn from the determination of hard work from the great spirit, continue the hard work style, cultivate practical character, maintain a practical attitude, and really work hard, work hard, and work hard.

"The above thousand lines, a needle below", mobilizing Nian Zi Zezi and selfless dedication "feelings of feelings".Everything is the focus of people's livelihood;Making people happiness is the "big country of the country".Liu Lingzheng, a party member and teacher of Hengyang Special Education School, adhered to the front line of special education in 32 years to protect the "folding children" with love;I mentioned that in 20 years, I persisted in their posts, serving the masses in true feelings, doing a good heart, and doing the work of the people.In them, we can see little things, reflecting the original intention of the people.As a grass -roots party member and cadre, no matter what position and position they are in, they must be responsible for their careers and responsibility to the people.There is no small matter for the masses. Sometimes there must be a sense of responsibility that you can't rest assured, insist on not underestimating the trivial matter, the trivial matter is not small, the purpose of building a blessing for the people, putting the thoughts of the masses in the first place, facing the needs of the masses, along the along, follow the masses, follow the needs of the masses, follow the needs of the masses.The wishes of the masses, take more grass -roots grounding, visit the people's feelings close to the masses, focus on the people's anxiety, find out the people's livelihood, find the pain points of the people's livelihood, turn the hope of the people into a direction, and brighten in the selfless and fearless "The original background of the branches and leaves, interpreting the profound connotation of the "public servant" in the perseverance of the desire, consistently answering the full score of "people first".(Text/Xu Lu)

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