Net fund value on November 30: The latest net value of Huabao CSI Medical ETF was 0.4147, up by 0.29%.

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Original title: Net fund value on November 30: The热门话题 latest net value of Huabao CSI Medical ETF was 0.4147, up 0.29%.

According to the news of Securities Star, on November 30th, the latest unit net value of Huabao CSI Medical ETF was 0.4147 yuan, with a cumulative net value of 1.2441 yuan, up 0.29% from the previous trading day. Historical data show that the fund fell by 1.47% in the past month, rose by 1.25% in the past three months, fell by 7.45% in the past six months, and fell by 16.69% in the past year. The cumulative rate of return of the fund in the past six months is as follows:

Huabao CSI Medical ETF is an index-stock fund. According to the latest quarterly report of the fund, the asset allocation of the fund: stock accounts for 99.0% of the net worth, and there are no bond assets, and cash accounts for 1.29% of the net worth. The top ten positions of the Fund are as follows:

The fund manager of this fund is Hu Jie, and Hu Jie became the fund manager of this fund on May 20, 2019, with a cumulative return of 24.03% during his tenure. During the period, there were 26 positions of heavy positions, of which 12 were profitable and the winning rate was 46.15%. Double the level of income once, and the doubling ratio is 3.85%. (The rate of return on positions adjustment of awkward positions is estimated according to the quarterly average price of the quarter in which awkward positions are transferred in and out.)

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